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Today, we are covering WordPress Themes for Writers (and Bloggers). If writing is your passion, I bet you want you website to look smoking and communicate you ARE a writer, hence, the topic today is WordPress themes for writers and bloggers. I have been writing a lot online and have used several different WP themes, many of them from Elegant Themes, for the simple reason they have some really cool WordPress templates for writers and bloggers. But another company that has really great stuff that will showcase your stories in the best way possible is Themeforest and today I want to show you a mixture of some great WordPress themes you as a writer can use to get your voice heard.

WordPress Themes for Writers

What to keep in mind!

So I dip my pen in virtual ink: let’s get started and show you some of these puppies! Now, keep in mind, some of you writers out there want the simple blog stuff, but I know there are quite some writers that go for the fancy stuff as well. And of course we have the professional writers and bloggers who want a magazine or news type of theme (by the way, you can always check out the Genesis WordPress platform, which you will find a link to in the sidebar). You will see it all down here and I hope you will find something you can use for your website. As far as I know all templates for writers and bloggers below come with online support. Personally I find that important, but I know some of you who read this might know their stuff and just want something that works, is flexible and has a lot of options. Ready? Let’s go then!

12 Awesome WordPress Templates for Writers and Authors

The first one I would like to introduce you to is a WP Theme called Rockwell. It might not be an obvious choice, but Rockwell is a great theme for writers, bloggers and authors and you can check it out below (you know where to click). RockWell is a powerful theme with many features. It’s very easy to use, easy to customize and most importantly – it allows you to unleash your creativity as a writer. Although in this case, it doesn’t really matter if you are a writer, photographer, blogger or a designer – this WP theme will suit you. And although the rest of the themes are a bit more specifically chosen for writers, bloggers and authors, this theme also suites everybody that writes about his work or passion.

Wordpress Themes for Writers - Rockwell - WordPress Theme for Writers and Bloggers

A Great WP Theme for Writers – Continuum

Continuum is more a magazine theme and thus for the writers and bloggers that write a lot and pretty much daily. But hey, if you do so, you could make a pretty decent income from your website(s). The good thing about Continuum is it was built by a blogger himself and then released to the public. It has over 200 (!!) theme options, so I’d say splurge on it! You can check it out below (if you click the link that is!).

Wordpress Themes for Writers - Continuum - A great WP Theme for Writers!

Deadline, a Theme for Writers with a schedule

Deadline is another great WordPress theme for Writers. This is also a responsive and premium WordPress theme for news and magazine bloggers. It is for writers that want to profile themselves as a productive story writer. If you are someone who wants to write about current affairs or about one of your passions and cover your niche all the time, Deadline might be a good option for you. The good thing about Deadline is it is a simple design and simple to use. Not a lot of fancy stuff, just for the writer who wants to write and don’t get into a lot of technicalities of a WordPress theme. You can check it out below.

Deadline, A Great WP theme for Writers and Bloggers - WordPress Themes for Writers

Premium Pixels – Another Writers WordPress theme

Premium Pixels is another theme that keeps it simple and you can create a magazine look in minutes. No fancy stuff here as well, just focus on your writing and your story lines. The theme looks very clean and will not distract your readers (which is sort of an important thing for an author, right?). So go check it out below.

Premium Pixels - A Great and Simple WordPress Theme for Writers and Authors - WordPress Themes for Writers


PixelPower – One of those Clean WordPress Themes for Writers

Who likes a VERY clean design of a theme, will love Pixel Power. This is an extremely clean theme and if you have an audience that couldn’t care less about all the fluff out there on websites, PixelPower is going to be a very good choice. It gives a very clean look and it is almost like reading a book if you come to think of it. Personally I think it is a little too clean, but hey, I am not the one picking a theme here for MY website. You are! So go check it out if you like “cleanliness.”

Pixel Power - One of those Clean WordPress Themes for Writers

Duplex – A WordPress Theme for Personal Bloggers

Duplex is another very clean WordPress theme and personally I would only use it for personal blogging or if you just write to an audience that do not care about anything else than your writing skills and want to read what you have to say. Also this is a very clean theme and although the producer of the theme advertises it as “for all bloggers,” if you have a lot to say and want to impress with more than your writing, try out something more fancy. Nevertheless, this is a great theme for the writer who likes simplicity and is not really interested in all kinds of technicalities peculiar to WordPress.

Duplex -  One of those WordPress Themes for Writers with a Personal Touch


Super Grid – A Fancy WordPress Theme for Bloggers

Personally I lover the Super Grid WordPress Theme. It looks very fancy and if you also like some graphics next to your writing (or to spice your stories up a little) then Super Grid is going to work for you, I can assure you. Super Grid is using posts to organise your content into your grid. It will organize your “Gridgets” (as they like to call them) to create a unique experience for both you and your visitors. So if you are looking for uniqueness, you know where to go. You can click the link below the picture.

Wordpress Themes for Writers - Super Grid

Daily – A WP Theme for Writers who like Graphics

Daily is a WordPress template for writers who like to showcase their graphics as well. Now, if you write about Photography, then this theme is definitely for you, because Daily is specifically built for that niche. Personally I like it because it uses a fancy grid system and you can give a sort of a clean look to your writing section and have your photographs or graphics add to your writing. So if you are in that category, go check it out now. You will find the specifics when you click the link below the picture.

Daily - A WP Theme for Writers who like Graphics - WordPress Themes for Writers

DarkWhite – Another Clean WordPress Theme for Authors

DarkWhite is exactly what you it says: it gives you a great contrast to your texts, poems, lyrics or news stories, whatever the business is your are writing about, this is a great theme. Also this theme uses a sort of a grid/portfolio system that really makes your website look good, while at the same time, it isn’t getting that “frantic fancy” look like other web templates give you. So you might just like this all right!

DarkWhite is another great WordPress Template for Writers and Authors - WordPress Themes for Writers

Will add some more WordPress Themes for Writers, Bloggers and Authors soon!

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