WordPress Themes for Restaurants


Below you will find a selection of WordPress themes for restaurants, cafés and what have you in this industry, that might just suite you right! If you are a restaurant owner or have a business that makes you looking for a restaurant theme, I advise you to just click the link next to the icons and check out the live preview of the themes. Make sure you check out these WordPress themes come with support if you are not a real WordPress geek. WordPress websites are not hard to manage, but if you are new to WordPress, you want to be sure you have all the help you can get at your fingertips. So are you ready to check these themes out? Here we go!

WordPress Themes for Restaurants

1. Bordeaux

Wordpress themes for Restaurants - Bordeaux

2. Delicieux

Wordpress templates for Restaurants - Delicieux

3. Delicious Restaurant

Wordpress template for a restaurant - Delicious Restaurant

4. Eatery

Wordpress theme for a restaurant - Eatery

5. Elegantia

Elegantia - Restaurant Template for WordPress

6. Foodlovers

Foodlovers - A WordPress Template for Restaurants

7. Gusteau

Restaurant WP Theme Gusteau


8. Limon

Restaurant WordPress Theme Limon

9. Linguini

Responsive Restaurant WP Theme Linguini

10. Mataam

Restaurant WordPress Themes - Mataam

11. Pluto

Wordpress Themes for Restaurants - Pluto


12.  Ristorante

Wordpress Themes for Restaurants and Cafes - Ristorante


13. Stomaci

Stomaci - A WP Theme for Restaurants


14. The Restaurant

The Restaurant - The Ultimate Restaurant Theme for WP

15. Victoria

Restaurant WordPress Theme Victoria

16. White Rock

White Rock - WordPress Theme for Restaurants

If you want to find out more about WordPress Themes for Restaurants, you can check the video of all these WP themes if you click here.

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