Spicing up your website with After Effects Templates

When you are running a WordPress website (or any website for that matter), video is an essential strategy to engage your audience and have more people visit your website. Video comes in all forms and shapes and you see a lot of videos that have been slammed together in a video editor but are not made very professionaly. There are many ways to put a professional video together and one of the more...
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Looking for Business Icons? Look no further!

If you are looking for business icons for your Wordpress website or to play around with and spice up your website a little, look no  further. Elegant Themes has released a free business icon font which really looks awesome and in a minute I will give you the link to the page where you can pick up the icons. Business icons sometimes look a bit clumsy, but Elegant Themes does it again: their...
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Installing WordPress, here’s how…

Do you want to update your website? However, don’t have enough cash to hire a web master to do it for you? Here are some of the simple steps in installing WordPress and say “Whooaahh, I just host my website!” Some business owners or your friends you’ve talked to, who want to have their own websites but don’t spend evenings and weekends surfing around on the web, might share their frustrations...
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Elegant Themes’ Nick Roach – My kind of guy!

I have to say a few words about Nick Roach and Elegant Themes. For the simple reason that I am really impressed with the company and its founder. So let me give you a little history, so you know what I am talking about. Here we go! Three years ago I entered the world called WordPress and I was going to build my first ever WordPress website. So what do you do? You look for free WordPress themes,...
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WordPress Themes Downloads for free – A word of warning

WordPress themes downloads for free, it sounds so tempting! However, recently I ran into a website that was offering free WordPress templates from Elegant Themes through a site that was using RapidShare or a similar service to download these premium WordPress themes. That was drawing my attention, because I am paying for these WP themes, just like over 100.000 other customers (yes, Elegant...
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