What are good business WordPress themes?

The question we are going to answer today is: “What are good business WordPress themes?” And when we answer that question, we have to establish what the word “good” means here. Does good mean “what makes you a lot of money?” Does it mean it gives you a lot of new customers? All good questions, but since we have a lot of experience with small business owners, a good business WordPress theme should be a theme that does not take a lot of time to install and set up, and the theme should definitely not take a lot of time to maintain. For the simple reason that small business owners want to focus on their main activity (running their company in their field of expertise). You will see quite some small business owners just hire somebody to set up the WP website for them, but for the ones that want to do that themselves, we have some good advice for them.

What is important when we talk about business WordPress themes?

Thus, a good business Wordpress theme has to be simple in setting it up and easy to maintain afterwards. And most important of all, you will have to choose a business WordPress theme that comes with support. If you are not really familiar with WordPress and its perks, you better make sure you go for the good support options that come with the below business themes. Because we selected some for you that are all coming with support and are all relatively easy to set up. So take a look and don’t forget to push the buttons below, so you see the business templates in action.

1. Dynamo

 Business WordPress Theme Dynamo

Dynamo is a fully responsive multipurpose business WordPress theme! It has a lot of layout possibilities and is very easy to use. A lot of thought and care went into this business theme. Dynamo is great for any business, no matter what business you run. If you push the blue button below, you can see the live demo of this wordpress business theme.

Click here now to preview the Dynamo Theme

2. Enigmatic

Business WordPress Theme Enigmatic

Enigmatic is one of those business WordPress themes that comes with unique function of letting you create beautiful pages with custom headers. The good thing about Enigmatic is it doesn’t come with tons of features, but gives you all the features you need to create an easy to setup website for your business. If you click the button below, you see it live in action!

Click here now to preview the Enigmatic Theme

3. Maestro

Business WordPress Themes - Maestro

Maestro is probably one of the best business WordPress themes around these days. Maestro has a built in page builder and has all the necessary plugins for WordPress already available within the theme. This saves you a lot of time. See Maestro in action and push the button below.

Click here now to preview the Maestro Theme

4. Pro Green

Business WordPress Theme Pro Green

Pro Green is one of those business WordPress themes you just like immediately by just looking at it. It comes with a Drag and Drop builder and all the Google fonts you can imagine. Further is has some premium sliders built in and it comes with video support (which is vital if you are short on time). Click the button below to see it in action!

Click here now to preview the Pro Green Theme

5. Trace

Business WordPress Theme - Trace

Trace is a responsive business WordPress theme that looks extremely clean. Next to business, this WP theme is also suitable for non-profit organizations, website portfolios, etc. It operates on the latest HTML5 technology and is compatible with pretty much all browsers. The contact page has a standard Google Maps option. Click on the button and see it in action!

Click here now to preview the Trace Theme

Business WordPress Themes Video

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