How to Avoid WordPress Website Security Issues

Recently all my websites got hacked because the server of my former host got hacked. And I can tell you, that ain’t what you are looking for when you run a bunch of websites. They were all “contaminated” with some “bug” (as I call it) and it took ages to clean the WordPress installations of these websites. To then find out you got hacked again. So, I started looking...
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How I found the best WordPress Website Hosting, REALLY!

I know, I know. You have them all over the place, these reviews of website hosts and everybody is raving for the sake of making an extra buck. Well, what can I say. I have been with Hostgator for a very long time and decided to migrate my websites to another web host, for the simple reason that Hostgator’s shared hosting was becoming extremely slow (their support service has been great...
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How to get your websites and programming done!

The internet keeps growing bigger and bigger and it is like a jungle with almost no rules out there. At least, that’s how it may look to you when you are rather new in exploring the jungle of website developing, programing, etc. If you want your website done, people rather pay a little extra and do it close to home (locally), because the culture shock with the other side of the planet...
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Some Free Video Backgrounds for your Website

I was doing some testing yesterday with a HD video camera and I recorded the beach behind my house and I thought, what the heck, let’s just give these videos away for free, because they can be used as free video backgrounds on your website if you need one. They are HD and they look really cool and maybe they can be of any use for you, who knows. I don’t like to waste any work and I...
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Spicing up your website with After Effects Templates

When you are running a WordPress website (or any website for that matter), video is an essential strategy to engage your audience and have more people visit your website. Video comes in all forms and shapes and you see a lot of videos that have been slammed together in a video editor but are not made very professionaly. There are many ways to put a professional video together and one of the more...
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