The Ultimate Freebies List for Web Designers

And here we go again. Today we made a list which will make anybody that is into web design really happy. Below you will find the most shared blog posts with freebies, free PSDs, and what have you. We selected again the most shared posts online, because then you know you will have a quality blog post with some great free stuff. You will find not only PSDs but all kinds of other free stuff that...
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100,000+ Free Icons Download List – The Ultimate List of Icons

Oh my! I went online with the purpose of creating an ultimate list of downloadable free icons and that was a lot of fun! And what a diversity of icons I might add. You know, making these lists for people like you, who want to find some quality stuff online and don’t want to endlessly search for the right websites, is just a lot of fun. It is quite some work, but when you’re done, it...
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53 Essential Marketing Resources for Creative Freelancers

This is a sort of miscellaneous list with all kinds of tips and tricks for creative freelancers, whether web designer or web developer, this stuff below is going to have some gems you can use to increase your work flow. As always with the lists that appear on this blog, these blog posts have been shared a lot on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Like this...
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50 of the Most Shared Blog Posts with CSS Tricks and Web Design Trends

And here we go again. Today we gathered a list of blog posts about CSS tricks and web design trends which are shared a lot on the main social media platforms. Some of these blog posts have thousands of shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. So you can imagine this is a pretty hot list and you really want to check it out. Some of these contain some real CSS gems. As you...
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How to promote as a freelance web developer and designer

In the last few days I did again a lot of digging on the web to find the nuggets that give you a good overview of what to do on promotion when you are a freelance web developer or designer. I know a lot of freelancers use their personal contacts as their first line of getting business, however, there are a lot of other possibilities. Below you find an ultimate list of blog posts that tell you...
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