Spicing up your website with After Effects Templates

When you are running a WordPress website (or any website for that matter), video is an essential strategy to engage your audience and have more people visit your website. Video comes in all forms and shapes and you see a lot of videos that have been slammed together in a video editor but are not made very professionaly. There are many ways to put a professional video together and one of the more professional ways to get your video put together is using Adobe After Effects (AE) templates. Below you a screenshot of the video that shows you an example of a video made with an AE template.

example of a video made with an after effects template for your WordPress website

The problem though with Adobe After Effects is it has a very, very long learning curve and is rather expensive to acquire. However, you can get a lot of people to adjust these templates for you. First of all, just check the video below and see how beautiful a video made with an AE template can be.

Video made with After Effects Template

As you can see, this video looks very professional. You can have over 100 images put together into a video which really engages your audience if you use the right pictures. This is a very specific template that you can buy for a very small amount of money and if you want to see it at the website where they sell this AE template, click here.

Now, the problem is to get your own pictures into the template and to do that, you need Adobe After Effects unfortunately (and you need to know how to adjust the template to your needs). So if you only want a few videos, even if you want them to really look professional, trying to do this yourself is not really an option (very time consuming). However, there is a website where you can get these templates adjusted for as little as 5 dollars. This website is called fiverr.com and there are many, many people who want to do the job for you. Here is one for instance: Edit Any After Effects Template.

Getting professional videos for your WordPress website is essential if you want to engage your audience and the above is just one way to go about it, however, these templates look really awesome and I can personally highly recommend them.

Note: the video is a screen recording of the After Effects template with Camtasia and rendered in ProShow Gold. For the actual template, click the link just below the video above.

adobe after effects templates, after effects template, adobe after effects

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