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We made another list and todays list is all about popular WordPress tutorials. Many of you are experienced WordPress designers and developers, but we all had to start somewhere, right? In today’s list you will find the most shared WordPress tutorials on the web in 2015. We did not take into account whole domains, just blog posts and pages about or with WordPress tutorials. For instance, you will not find a link to the very popular domain tutsplus, a domain which you probably all know. Below you will find what users think are great blog posts with even better references to WordPress tutorials. Enjoy!

popular wordpress tutorials

Most Shared WordPress tutorials on the Web in 2015

60 brilliant WordPress tutorials | WordPress | Creative Bloq – Want to build a new website, or add something new to your existing one? Then check out these awesome WordPress tutorials.

How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap – Learn how to build a Responsive WordPress theme from scratch using Bootstrap, the responsive framework from Twitter. Level: Beginner – Intermediate.

How to Clone a WordPress Site in 7 Easy Steps – Do you want to clone your WordPress site and move it to a new domain? Here’s how to create a duplicate of your WordPress site in 7 easy steps.

12 Most Useful Tricks for Custom Post Types in WordPress – Ever wanted to build something amazing with custom post types in WordPress? Here are 12 most useful custom post types tutorials for WordPress.

Make Your WordPress Theme Responsive | Tutorials | Colorlabs & Company – These days, almost everyone has an internet-viewing device with them, all the time. May it be a tablet or a smartphone, this gadget slips right into our pockets and plays an important role of our daily lives. The whole idea of this so-called smart device is its ability to access the Internet and do virtually every task we would usually do on a full-sized PC while keeping the size small enough to make it light and portable. However, a new problem arises: the web wasn’t made for smartphones. Then what to do? The best thing that you can do is make your site become responsive.

How to Create WordPress eCommerce Store With Shopify – Want to create an online store with very little effort? Learn how to create an eCommerce store with Shopify and integrate it with WordPress.

Learning WordPress: Most Useful Tips and Tutorials – Smashing Magazine – Brush up on WordPress template development, get advanced tips and tricks on learning WordPress from experts and apply shortcodes and hacks.

20 Tutorials for WordPress Merchants | Practical Ecommerce – Here is a list of tutorials to learn WordPress. There are tutorials to get started quickly, comprehensive guides to master WordPress, and articles on specific topics, such as customization, theme development, and ecommerce plugins.

Top 160 WordPress Tutorials – To help community to learn and add custom code within WordPress, here are 160 best WordPress tutorials listed below for range of categories.Tutorials are arranged into each category which includes WordPress Theme Development, Plugins, Comments & Author section, Content slider and slideshow, SQL queries, Socialmedia, Video Tutorials, Shortcode and other miscellaneous tutorials.

How to Build a WordPress Plugin (part 1) | Scotch – In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating a plugin for WordPress. A WordPress plugin extends the WordPress core and is intended to be reusable code or functionality across multiple projects. This is one of the most interesting things about it – you can share your code or functionality on the web.

40 Great WordPress Tutorials – WP Explorer – A helpful roundup of 40 awesome WordPress Tutorials Freddy found around the web to help you learn tips and tricks for WordPress.

How to convert a PSD template into WordPress theme – In this tutorial we will explain the basic steps of how a WordPress theme works and also show you how to convert a PSD template into a WordPress theme.

20 Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs | Web Design Blog | Web Design Fan | Resources for Web Designers and Graphic Designers – Today, we will showcase 20 of the best WordPress Tutorial Blogs that have written many wonderful and insightful articles with various tips that either helped us optimize our blog for SEO, helped secure our wordpress installion from hackers, to finding the best WordPress themes, or even creating our own WordPress theme for our blog.

26 Complete WordPress Blog Design Tutorials | Pro Blog Design – We have collected together 26 full tutorials from the web that take you through the process of designing a blog, from scratch.

15 Best WordPress Tutorials for Beginners | Syntaxxx – WordPress is a relatively easy to use CMS (Content Management System) but when you are a beginner, every task looks daunting. To help you deal with the challenge, here is a list of 15 great WordPress tutorials for beginners. The first 10 tutorials are general WordPress tutorials that either cover everything around it, or a particular common task, such as configuration after installation, or how to create a simple WordPress plugin and a simple WordPress theme. There are also some video tutorials for those of you who prefer watching to reading.

Easiest Way to Translate a WordPress Theme in 2015 – WPZOOM – WordPress 4.1 has been released at the end of 2014, and along with the new version, a very useful feature was also introduced. It’s the Site Language option.

15 WordPress Tutorials For Designers and Beginners – Dig deep into WordPress using these high quality WordPress tutorials to help web designers and even beginners learn more about the most popular web platform.

6 Tutorials: How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme in 2015 – If you’re eager to learn all the technical gimmicks then here I’m sharing tutorials that will help you learn how to create a custom WordPress theme.

Free WordPress Tutorial – Great for Beginners – Learn the basics of using WordPress to create a website.

WordPress: A Web Developer’s Tutorial – At some point in every web developer’s career, one sits down, breathes a heavy sigh, and gets the feeling “I’ve done this all before, and too many times”. Wouldn’t it be nice instead to let someone else do much of that work and support? Enter the WordPress CMS!

11 Creative WordPress Tutorials For Designers – – WordPress Tutorials for designers will help new budding designers to learn and create wonderful WordPress designs.

WordPress Theme Step By Step Tutorial – PHPEveryDay – PHP tutorial about basic, classes, framework, strategy, books, etc.

20 Beginner-Friendly WordPress Tutorials – Are you a beginner web designer and want to learn how to create WordPress themes? These 20 beginner-friendly WordPress tutorials will surely come in handy!

30 Free Video Tutorials for Learning Web Design – Reading an article entitled 30 Free Video Tutorials for Learning Web Design on The Site Slinger.

The 21 Best Free WordPress CMS Tutorials and Courses | SkilledUp – Best free WordPress tutorials and courses for learning the most popular CMS available. 21 Options in all skill levels from beginner to intermediate-advanced.

Best WordPress Tutorials for Merchants – Best WordPress Tutorials. Top 10 list for merchants looking to expand their e-commerce website with the aid of WordPress blogging software tool.

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