More traffic using Google to your advantage

So you have your WordPress website set up for the first time and you are looking at your traffic analytics. You want more traffic to your blog or website and NOTHING is happening! What now? We have all been there, believe me. You have spent a lot of time building your website and watched tons of videos to set up your website the way it should and when you expect traffic to role in in droves, you are stunned. Nobody is finding you! The feeling is horrific. But guess what? You are not alone! We all want more traffic but there are so many traffic gurus out there, that you just don’t know who to believe.

I went through the same process. First website was a disaster. I had tried to master WordPress and learned all about plugins, to simply find out it didn’t work. Now, mind you, sometimes stuff just doesn’t work and only God knows why (and Google of course). We all learn when we are young how to put on our shoes and tie our laces. The problem with Google is it never tells you how to tie your laces on the net so to speak. So what do you do. You start TESTING.

So here is something I read online from a guy called Becker and I tested it. He calls it “Underdog.” And it seems to work. So if you want to get more traffic to your website, there is a key thing to understand here: use Google to your advantage. And basically this guy tested the living daylights out of his websites and came up with an interesting formula to get more traffic and I will give you a short summary of what to do. After that, go out and test it for your websites and see if you indeed get more traffic to your sites.

More traffic with Under Dog

More Traffic step 1 – The Google Plus connection

It all starts with setting up your Google plus account. Becker made a very interesting statement: Google wants to know who they are ranking. If they have the choice between ranking somebody who they know and verified his web identity and someone who they don’t know, their algorithm seems to be in favor of the guy they know. In combination with setting up your authorship through Google + (I am not going to explain this, but you can read an article about it here) you will be able to convince Google’s algorithm that you are an authority in a specific niche. When you niche is dog training (I know, boring!) you make sure you connect with people that have the same interest in Google + and connect all your social media to your Google + profile (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and what have you these days) and make sure those social media platforms also clearly communicate the keywords of your niche. Then get in as many Google Plus circles as you can.

More Traffic step 2 – Get links from PR5 domains

The next thing in getting more traffic to your WordPress site is to either buy links (I am not a great supporter of that, in fact, I wouldn’t recommend it) or buy a expired PR5 domain from website that sells these (just Google it). He shows some places where you buy those for somewhere between 150-250 dollars. Put on some niche content and link from the frontpage to your niche website. Within a few days you should be able to see a difference in your traffic. And surely, I did for some website that I tested this on. So if you want to know more about this system, you can check out Beckers website here. Below I have put a video from the guy on local traffic, so you know what this guy looks like and what he is up to.

More Traffic step 3 – Find the Hot Spots

Great concept he talks about is finding hot spots on Google. He gives examples of news niches, entertainment niches and niches that don’t even exist yet and how you know when to profit from those. He has a video on his website (the link is above) which explains this phenomena to get more traffic to your blog or website. His keyword research is totally different than anything I have seen and totally out of the box. You should see it. The data is totally free. Anyway, I can highly recommend it and if you want more traffic to your website, you should really spend some time and watch his videos. It has some great traffic related stuff. And let me know if you got some more traffic and visitors to your website! Use the comments below!

Video about Local Traffic

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