How to make a WordPress Website with Divi – Part 2

I just released my compilation of the new Divi tutorials from Nick Roach and his team of Elegant Themes. You can find the video below and you will also find the links to the parts of the video that you might be interested in investigating a little more because you are having a problem or want to find out more about it.

Divi 2.0 is an awesome theme and I can personally highly recommend it. But you know what? The reason why I really like it, is because of their incredible help you get while building your website. It is more than value for your money when you buy Divi. Believe me. Elegant Themes overdelivers and the only reason why they can, is because over 200.000 people love their stuff and are buying their themes (dirt cheap).

Divi 2.0 is here. Check out the Divi tutorials!

Divi 2.0 is here. Check out the Divi tutorials!

So go check it out now! Happy Divi building!

Check out DIVI 2.0

So, below I will give you the links to the tutorials in this video. Just click on them and you will be taken to that part of the video you want to check out. Below these, I will fit in the links to the Divi 1.0 video, which gives you the basics of the Divi theme and like this, you have ALL tutorials of Divi on one page. No more searching around, you have over 3 hours of Divi tutorials right here. Pls also comment below if you need anything else on Divi and I will see I can provide it.

01-Introducing Divi 2.0 by Elegant Themes (2m57)

02-Installing Your Divi Theme (1m15)

03-Using The Theme Customizer (5m16)

04-Using Divi Header & Navigation Options (3m27)

05-Using Divi Sections (8m20)

06-Using The Divi Accordion Module (2m14)

07-Using The Divi Audio Player Module (3m40)

08-Using The Divi Blurb Module (7m45)

09-Using The Divi Circle Counter Module (3m37)

10-Using The Divi Countdown Timer Module (2m53)

11-Using The Divi Fullwidth Menu Module (2m24)

12-Using The Divi Fullwidth Portfolio Module (4m01)

13-Using The Divi Filterable Portfolio Module (2m32)

14-Using The Divi Image Gallery Module (2m38)

15-Using The Divi Image Module (3m56)

16-Using The Divi Login Module (2m08)

17-Using The Divi Map Module (5m27)

18-Using The Divi Number Counter Module (4m24)

19-Using The Divi Subscribe Module (5m12)

20-Using The Divi Social Follow Module (4m38)

21-Using The Divi Testimonial Module (3m46)

22-Using The Divi Team Member Module (4m32)

23-Using Divi Post Formats (5m34)

24-Using Divi’s Blank Pages (1m11)

You can also watch the original recording of the tutorials of Divi 1.0, which are in most cases still valid for Divi 2.0 as well. Below is the link to the other video which starts with an overview of the Divi Builder:

An Overview Of The Divi Builder

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