How To Make More Money As A Web Developer

As a web designer and/or developer, you are constantly looking for new clients, I get that. But what about your existing clients? Has it ever occurred to you that experienced marketers do everything to get a new client (using a so-called Tripwire) because of the endless possibilities they see in the future relationship with that client? This is not my bright idea, but if you want to know more about that concept of a Tripwire, you can read all about it here, a great piece by Ryan Deiss.

How To Make More Money As A Web Developer
Using Your Existing Clients 

Usually, if you are also a graphic designer, you try to get more out of a client by proposing designs for printed material (like stationary, business cards, upgraded logos and what have you). When you are web designer/developer you try to close maintenance contracts, sell them hosting (either hosting them yourselves or getting a commission for referring them to an existing host). You can handle their domain registration(s), do SEO for them, implement analytics reports, e-mail template design, etc. Sometimes you sit down and look at a website of one of your clients and look at it with some fresh eyes so to speak and you advise improvements.

You can of course handle their social media (boy, do they know little about that sometimes) or create landing pages for campaigns, etc. The list is pretty much endless. Needless to say, these are all pretty good ideas.

But what if there was something totally new you could do, which meant  
little work for you and would create extra income for both you and your client?

You see, I don’t know about you, but what we run into over and over and over again here, is the client doesn’t see the extra value in a lot of this additional “products” that you can deliver. Ever had that? Ever had to defend yourself or really “sell” your suggested improvements to your clients, etc.? Well, it occurred to us, so I know it probably happened to you as well.

So, it all boils down to “selling” and what I have seen many times is designers and developers are having great skills in building websites, but when it comes to selling they are sometimes a little reluctant. Now, especially for those people, something is coming that will revolutionize the way businesses do marketing online and I think you should know about it. Because it hardly takes any selling and it will make you look like someone who is totally “in the know” about what is happening on the web.

What I am talking about is something you can sell to your existing clients and it is so easy to sell, that if you have even just a small client base, this could make you quite some dough, if you understand what I mean. And if you have a larger client base, well, you’ll probably don’t know what is going to hit you!

Is Email Dead? It Might Be Soon!

The subheading here is a bold statement, but if you understand what I am stating below, you might look at it with a bit of a different perspective. So let’s come to the point here, shall we?

Since many of you are active on Facebook (in various WordPress and Divi related groups for instance), you know all about the push notifications you get when someone likes your posts, your comments, etc., or tags you. We are all pretty much used to that. Now, what if you could implement that on all websites you run or develop for your clients? Would that be something you think has potential? You betcha it does!

What if you have clients like restaurants for instance (to just name something)? What if they could send push notifications in their area or to their client base, in real time, and offer them some coupon or discount on their dishes? Or what if you have clients that launch a new product or campaign and they want to notify their clients? What do you think gets more viewers: an email send or a push notification right in their web browser or on their mobile device? You know the answer, right? Oh, and mind you, people don’t have to even give you their email address! With one click of a button they are on a notification list (which can also be exported to an email list by the way).

I have been around online for a bit. I have spoken to German marketers for instance, who filled up discotheques in a matter of 30 minutes with SMS marketing (but that costs money!). I must say push notification is one of the major developments I have seen in years. You know why? Because companies like Google, Facebook, Mozzila, Skype and other major players have opened their platforms for marketers and companies to get people to subscribe to push notifications. That’s massive!

Now, what does this mean for you and your current client base?

What if you could sell this marketing tool to your clients and all you had to do was to put a little piece of code on their websites and you would be off to the races? Sounds interesting? Well, that’s a rhetoric question, I know.

Since you know your clients already and have a relationship with them (and I guess a pretty good one), all you would have to do is pick up the phone (or write an email) and tell them (don’t even ask!) they need to get this option for their websites and that you are going to help them to get it. You just don’t take no for an answer!

Okay, now you also want to know where to get this option and how it works, right? So while I could go on and on about it, check it out for yourself. You’ll find out you can even create sequences of notifications and a lot more.

Remember, this is huge. Just think about what is possible with this (and all in real time). Business is all about relationships and building a relationship with your customer is key. Push notifications is something that will revolutionize the way marketing is done online. Period.

Do well and let me know below what you think!

Push Response Push Notification Software


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