Installing WordPress, here’s how…

Do you want to update your website? However, don’t have enough cash to hire a web master to do it for you? Here are some of the simple steps in installing WordPress and say “Whooaahh, I just host my website!”

Some business owners or your friends you’ve talked to, who want to have their own websites but don’t spend evenings and weekends surfing around on the web, might share their frustrations with you. This happens to those who have discovered how to get a website up and running in the first place. There are still lots of people trying to find out where to start and manage their websites for their small or medium businesses.

Installing WordPress – Why WordPress?

WordPress was intended as a platform used for blogging, but you don’t have to utilize it as a blogging tool. With a few changes or little tweaks, you can use it to manage your website, with or without a “blog.” Using Word Press as a blogging platform will sure give you compelling advantages. It is optimized for simply posting and managing content. So as to get good search engine rankings requires new, unique content. You need a system that does not hinder you when you want to update your website with a new article or newsletter. Before installing WordPress, know the benefits first and click that mouse, set up your own website and earn profits.

The benefits of installing WordPress

• Word Press provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box. There are a few changes you have to do, but there are lots of seo benefits that WordPress offers for free.
• Content – it is simple to edit content on your website without studying HTML. If you hate the idea of having to know to use a complicated HTML editor tool like Dreamweaver or keep seeking for your webmaster’s help every time you want to make a minor changes to your website, you should worry no more, once WordPress has been installed, you can easily make new pages or edit existing pages using a simple rich text editor.
• Support – If you do have troubles, or want to insert custom features, it is simple to get support and developers who can assist you. There are thousands of WordPress developers in the virtual world. You’ll find lots of articles about WordPress posted on the Net to help you understand the system.

Now, you have learned some of the benefits you can get from installing WordPress on your website, the next question will be how to install it properly using Fantastico. Here’s how:

Fantastico is an application that automatically installs a WordPress blog on your website. Setting up is very simple and doesn’t require you to have special or technical knowledge.

1. Log in to your cPanel account (I presume you have a host). Select the panel login button for the particular website you are trying to access.

2. Scroll down to the software or services section. Click on the Fantastico icon.

3. Choose the WordPress option.

4. Click new installation.

5. Enter your preferred WordPress blog or content information. On this page, you will be configuring your new WordPress Installation:

a. Install on Domain: This permits you to choose the Domain Name that will be used to show your new Word Press website.

b. In Directory: This is the folder/path where this installation will be shown. For most clients, this should be blank

c. Admin Username: This will be the exclusive username for you to access your WordPress Admin Panel.

d. Admin Password: This will be the particular password so as to access your WordPress Admin Panel.

e. Admin Nickname: This will be the special name that will be displayed on all blog posts.

f. Admin Email: This will be utilized to communicate in any related WordPress modification.

g. Site Name: This is the name that will be displayed on your new WordPress Installation; this can be changed later on.

h. Description: This is the description that will be shown on your new WordPress Installation; this can be changed based on your options.

i. Install your article.


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