How to add subdomains and add-on domains to your hosting account

In the below video you will learn how to add a subdomain and add-on domain to your hosting account, for instance on Hostgator. The full text of the video is below the video, so you can read the text if you happen to miss any of the English text spoken in the video. The video will explain what subdomains are and what add-on domains are and after you have see this 5,5 minute video, you know all there is to know about how to add subdomains and add-on domains. So watch the video now!

Add subdomain and add-on domain video

add subdomain - add add-on domain

In this video I am going to talk to you about how you add subdomains and add-on domains to your account. Well, what is a subdomain? Basically a subdomain is like an annexe to your regular domain. And it let’s you keep part of your website separate from all the rest. Now, we’ve all seen subdomain URL’s on the Internet.

You’ve all seen something like this. www dot shoppingcart dot yoursite dot com. Well, the shoppingcart bit, the bit between the www and the dot yoursite dot com is actually the subdomain and that is a separate part of the website. And subdomains can have all sorts of uses. Now, for example, let’s say you want to have a Spanish language version of your website.

You could have a subdomain like this. You could have www dot espagnol dot my website dot com. And within that subdomain you can have webcopy in Spanish, you can have the prices in Euros or Pesos or whatever and you keep that completely separate from your main website, my website dot com, which would have the web copy in English and the prices in dollars.

Now, add-on domains work in conjunction with subdomains. And they enable you to have more than one domain on your account. And you setup the nameservers on Godaddy or wherever you have your account hosted, exactly the same as you do for your main account but with an add-on domain it will redirect that to a subdomain on your account. Now, stay with our Spanish example, you could register the domain name my website dot es (dot es of course being the main extension for Spain) add that onto your account as an add-on domain and it will redirect to Espagnol dot my website dot com. So it will redirect back to the Espagnol subdomain on your website.

I am going to use Cpanel for this demonstration although if you have another type of control panel the procedure is very similar. Okay, I am going to install a subdomain first so go over here where it says subdomains and click on the icon and you see here, there is the box where you can input your subdomain and if you have more than one domain on your hosting account, you can choose from the dropdown menu. In this specific case there is only one so we can leave it at that.

So type in our subdomain, it is called the shopping cart and then just click in here in the box that says document root and that will set up the document root and this is a folder on your web server into which everything that is in your subdomain is going to be stored. So it is going to keep it separate from everything else that is on your domain on your server, so everything that is in the subdomain will be in the folder here and everything that is in the folder will be under your subdomain.

And that is all there is. Just simply click on this button here to create your subdomain and you are good to go. Installing an add-on domain is quite similar. Click here on add-on domains. Now you input your new domain name. So let’s stick with our earlier Spanish example and let’s call this my website dot es. And you can see it automatically fills in the rest for you. So you got the subdomain is going to be my website and the document root is going to be public underscore html forwars slash my website dot es.

You need to type in your password. Let’s just put that in, or you can, if you like, use the password generator. Let’s use that one. Click on there and you can it has generated a very strong password. So I need to highlight that right click and copy that so I can paste it into a notepad document and then save it on my hard drive. As I have done that click the boxes and I have copied the passwords into a save place. I click on Use Password and there we go and then you simply click on this button here, Add Domain, and it will add it to your hosting account. So now you can have two domains on one account without needing to have a separate hosting account.

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