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How much do WordPress themes cost? A valid question if you are getting started with WordPress and you want to orient yourself on the WordPress market. So I will give you a simple list here of what are the possibilities for you to get a theme and tell you also what it cost. In the end I will give you a recommendation which will make sense to you I believe, when you read all the data here (and it won’t be a long post, don’t worry).

There are 10 really big WordPress theme providers right now and maybe you already know some of them. So let’s list these and then I will also list what are the costs for their WordPress themes, so you can make a sound decision on where to buy one (or more, as most of these providers off you the possibility to choose from multiple WP themes and plugins).

How much do WordPress themes cost?

Some research done for you!

The biggest WordPress theme provider is called WooThemes. They are based in South Africa and they charge a startup fee of $125 dollars and a monthly fee of at least $20,- so they are not the cheapest. However, they have around 430.000 users, so they must be doing something right. The next and pretty much the cheapest option is a company called Elegant Themes. You can see their gallery of WP themes here.They have almost 180.000 users and they start with a yearly fee of $39 for which you get 80+ themes and great support.

The next one, but not very cheap, is StudioPress. For 40+ themes you pay almost $350 so I don’t think you should start with them if you are just starting. WPZoom is another one that is not really cheap. $199 startup fee and $9 a month for a standard membership. Graph Paper Press is an American WP theme provider and they charge $125 a year. You get 40 themes for your dough. Organic Themes is from Hawaii and has 20 themes at the moment. They charge $249 for the themes as a one time payment. Obox Design is also from South Africa and they have a bundle of 32 themes which cost you $140 to get an account and $15 a month for full access.

ColorLabs is from Indonesia and charges a one-time fee of $99 and $79 a year for their WP themes. WPMU Dev, another big player (from Down Under) with over 160.000 users, charges $39,50 a month for the use of their themes. Also not very cheap if you really look at it. But again, they must be doing something right when they have so many users of course.

Then there is Themeforest, which is a bid of a different provider. Themeforest is a marketplace where you can buy single WordPress themes from all kinds of smaller companies. Pretty much all themes come with support from the seller. What I personally like about Themeforest WordPress themes is the diversity and the sometimes stunning designs. You can also find premium WordPress plugins at another website that is run by the owner of Themeforest, Envato, and this site is called CodeCanyon. You can find some of the themes below with their pricing and how many were sold so far. Some of these are pretty popular. You can click the link next to the icons and check them out.

Now, if you are just getting started with WordPress, I personally advise you to go with Elegant Themes. They have great support (I can personally attest to that because I started with them when I myself started with WordPress websites) and they are pretty much the cheapest. You can check them out here. I hope you build some great websites! Below you see one of the WordPress themes of Elegant Themes called Foxy.

How much do WordPress themes cost - Foxy from Elegant Themes 80+ themes for $39/year

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