How do you set up a WordPress blog – video

How do you set up a WordPress blog is the question of today. Well, that is a sort of a general question, to say the least. Question is, what do you want to do with that WordPress blog? Is it for you business? Is it a personal blog? Because these things matter. Blogging does not only depend on what text you put on your blog, but also: how do you want your blog to look like? When I started blogging first, a couple of years ago, I used Mr. Google to find out all about setting up a WordPress blog, but I can tell you, that took blood, sweat and tears. But let me give you my humble opinion and try to answer this question in general terms: How DO you set up a WordPress blog?

It all starts with the installation. For that you need a host like BlueHost or Hostgator. If you look for a host, make sure you choose one that has a Cpanel and Fantastico (which is a sort of a wizard that let’s you install WordPress in 5 minutes or less). I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy (great for buying domain names, but they are really a pain in the you know what when it comes to WP hosting).

After you installed WP you are going to choose a theme. You might have guessed it, but I personally highly recommend Elegant Themes, for the simple reason that they have an awesome forum with moderators that help you out lightning fast. Because if you ask yourself the question “How do you set up a WordPress blog” the answer should include the answer: in the smartest way possible. And getting a theme from Elegant Themes is the smarter solution in setting up a WP blog. They help you out with whatever problem you have when you set up your blog.

How do you set up a WordPress blog - Elegant Themes

A theme from Elegant Themes to set up your WordPress blog

How do you set up a WordPress blog – a short note on plugins

With the question “How do you set up a WordPress blog” comes the issue of plugins. Plugins are little pieces of software that you literally “plug in” to the WordPress software. They add functionality. Most plugins are free. If you are serious about blogging, you want to make sure you have the WordPress SEO (search engine optimization that is) plugin from Yoast (by far the best SEO plugin on the net. You also want to pick a Backup plugin that makes a backup of your site now and then. There are many and you can choose for instance the Backup WordPress plugin. Another great plugin which has proven benificial is the Broken Link Checker plugin. It keeps checking your website for broken links and tells you where you can fix them. And let’s not forget the Google Analytics plugin, Akismet (which keeps your site “spamless”), Ping Optimizer (from MaxBlogPress) and the plugins that gives your visitors the possibility to share your blog posts on their social networks. Anyway, let’s just see it on video…

How do you set up a WordPress blog – Video

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