How do I get backlinks to my website?

So you are building your WordPress website and the next thing you know, you want to have some visitors, right? So the questions pops into your mind: “How do I get backlinks to my website?” Which is a totally valid question by the way, because backlinks are still important and even though you have an advantage with a WordPress website over other website owners that use other systems than WP, you still need some backlinks. Some say the more the better, I would say, the more quality backlinks the better. So how are you going to answer that question and “get backlinks to my website?”

“How do I get backlinks to my website” explained

The solution is very simple, although not a lot of people seem to think of this simple solution and that is why I want to hand it to you. And if you know this method already, tough luck! First of all you need to know that backlinks are not all the same and do not have the same value to the search engines. I think it is obvious that a backlink from the frontpage of has more value than a backlink from the frontpage of So authority is an issue here, but I am not going into that. What I want to show you is how you can create backlinks without looking for them endlessly (believe me, it can be painful and a lot of work). So why not have the backlinks come to us?

What we are going to use is Google Alerts for this. You click on the following link and then a window will open that looks like the picture below (you have to have a Google account of course for this to work): GO TO GOOGLE ALERTS.

Backlinks to my website with Google Alerts

What you do next is you fill out the form. So if you have a website about WordPress themes, you could give a search query like “WordPress themes” or “WordPress Theme” or even “backlinks to my site” if I want to know more about that subject. Then you just have everything delivered to your google mailbox (or any other mail address that is connected to your Google account) and filter it in your mail program to a folder called “Google Alerts” for instance. Then the next time you want to get some backlinking going, you open your mail folder, click on the links and it takes you to the websites that have the same topic as your own (which is important if you want to get backlinks to your website, that they come from sites that have a similar topic). Simple? Yes. The backlink possibilities come straight to your mailbox. I hope that answers the question “How do I get backlinks to my website” to your satisfaction. And if you want one from me, just leave me a comment below!

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  1. Garry Marthaler

    Thsnks for the help. Everyone talks about backlinks but few explained it like you did. I have a new site and the SEO part seems fine. I have a WordPress SEO plug-in that was a big help. But I know that is only part of getting rank on Google,Bing and Yahoo. The time consuming part is the backlinking. Well you have made that easier.
    Thanks again
    Garry Marthaler

  2. Rent a Website AMRaven

    Backlinks are one of the most powerful factors when it comes to search engines determining authority, pagerank and positioning in the SERPS. Thanks for the useful information. Cheers

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