How to make a WordPress Website with Divi

I have seen a lot of themes and there are a lot of awesome WordPress themes out there, but the question on how to make a WordPress website can only be answered today with the following: with the Divi WordPress theme of Elegant Themes. Why? Because the Divi theme simply has it all. You can practically make ANY layout for your website and with the tutorials of Elegant Themes (which I combined into...
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Start working with WordPress for Gawd Sakes

Okay, the title is a little over the top, but basically I mean exactly what it says: start working with WordPress for Gawd Sakes! WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is giving you incredible possibilities for your website, whether you are a photographer or a shop owner, it doesn’t really matter. With WordPress you can adjust any website to your needs with the click of a...
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How to choose a WordPress theme

How do you choose a WordPress theme for your blog? The first question then we need to answer, is: are you trying to make some money with your blog or are you just blogging for the fun of it? The reason why I am bringing it up is because when you just blog for the fun of it, you should go for a free WordPress theme (also called a WordPress template, just for your info). If you want to make some...
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How to add subdomains and add-on domains to your hosting account

In the below video you will learn how to add a subdomain and add-on domain to your hosting account, for instance on Hostgator. The full text of the video is below the video, so you can read the text if you happen to miss any of the English text spoken in the video. The video will explain what subdomains are and what add-on domains are and after you have see this 5,5 minute video, you know all...
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How to create your own WP theme

How to create your own WP theme? If you wonder how to create your own WP theme you came to the right place. We can be very short in answering this question. To create your own WP theme you need to have the knowledge to do so and this knowledge is actually available in a course that we present to you here. What you need to actually DO the course is Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (or you...
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