How to get your websites and programming done!

The internet keeps growing bigger and bigger and it is like a jungle with almost no rules out there. At least, that’s how it may look to you when you are rather new in exploring the jungle of website developing, programing, etc. If you want your website done, people rather pay a little extra and do it close to home (locally), because the culture shock with the other side of the planet where there are plenty of programers, is sometimes a real pain in the butt for all kinds of reasons.

Where to go to get your websites/programing done!

Point is, we all have our ethnics and there is sometimes a language and understanding barrier as well. Now, I have been ordering websites and software myself from places like Freelancer and Odesk, which are really big market places and they are really cheap, but still, you sometimes run into the problem that you just can’t get the work done because the person building your website or software is a beginner and doesn’t know all the ropes yet. Yes, I used the site also, because sometimes you just want it all cheap, right?

Well, yes, we don’t want to spend too much money on it, but hey, if it takes a lot longer to get the project done, then all in all it might be better to buy a website locally or at least from a verified source. And therefore I want to introduce you to a new website which has been online for a while now in the testing phase, but which is now fully operational. The website I am talking about is Envato Studio.

Click here for Envato Studio!

Envato Services on the Front Page of their website

The originally only Australian based (now with offices all over the planet) Envato company runs one of the top 100 websites on the planet, so we are not talking about some small player in the industry. Envato runs websites like Themeforest (a market place for Web Templates like WordPress templates, Tumbler templates, Joomla Templates etc), Videohive (a market place for video templates, mostly created with Adobe After Effects), Codecanyon (a market place where you can buy any kind of code and plugin), AudioJungle (a market place where you can buy your music for videos), GraphicRiver (where you can choose from hundreds of thousands of stock graphics), PhotoDune (a market for royalty free photogrpahy) and 3D Ocean (a market place where you can buy 3D Models & Accessories). Envato also owns Activeden a market place for Flash files. In other words, Envato is a big player.

So, let’s get back to our initial question (how to get your websites and programing done) and add a little to it: how can you get them done and don’t have to worry you’ll get into a whole lotta problems because you do not know who you are dealing with? And the answer is Envato Studio, because Envato has hand picked the people selling their services on the market place. So you’re pretty safe if you buy services through Envato Studio. It is simply impossible to sell stuff on their market place if you do not know what you are doing. So, let’s take a closer look to the website.

The Envato Studio website has several categories and these are:

So if you want anything done within these categories, Envato Studio might just be for you and your company. So let’s focus on the category Websites & Programming. What are the possibilities on this marketplace? Well, pretty much endless. Let’s take a closer look!

Check out the Market Place now!

New Website Design and more…

The category Websites & Programming is divided into sub categories like New Website Design & Development, Landing Page Design & Development, Web Components, PSD to HTML, Email Design & Development, Bug Fixes, Website Customization & Updates, PHP and Server Admin. So you can have a totally new website designed by one of the freelancers on the marketplace or you can have them fix the bugs on an existing website. For instance, click below to see how you can get a landing page designed by a European web designer for around 200 dollars (a bit over 150 euros).

Envato Landing Page Design

 English speaking Programers and Designers

If you are not interested in the confusions you might run into with a non English speaking developer, you could try this designer and developer, who is from the UK and is offering his services on Envato Studio for a more than reasonable price. Click the image below!

Envato Studio Web Design done in UK

As you can see, these are VERY nice designs for a very reasonable price and if you really want a new website or want to have your website updated with a new design, you should check them out. In the very short period of time that the website is operational, these two European based web designers build over 40 websites each, so you can imagine they know what they are doing.

You will definitely find what you are looking for on Envato Studio! Happy hunting!

Check out the Web Designs now!

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