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If you are around for awhile on the Net, the Genesis WordPress Theme is something you must have heard of before. Genesis is one of those themes that is used by a lot of the “upper class” of the Internet community. Great bloggers like Yoast (an Internet legend) and Copyblogger use the Genesis framework for their websites and are not likely to use anything else soon. And why is that? Let’s take a look at the Genesis WordPress theme and see why this framework and childtheme is so popular amongst the blogging community on the Net.

First of all, let’s verify that Genesis IS popular and check the website of StudioPress. With over 80.000 sites linking in and an Alexa Rank of 2687 we immediately see this is one of the big players on the Net. StudioPress is one of the biggest WordPress Themes providers on the Net. You can check this post on our blog to see that StudioPress is the third biggest WordPress Themes provider on the planet (not bad!) after WooThemes and Elegant Themes (not taking ThemeForest into account that is a marketplace for third parties). So is Genesis popular? You betcha!

CLICK HERE for the Genesis WP Theme

Why get the Genesis WordPress Theme (framework) from StudioPress?

The Genesis WordPress Theme from StudioPress InfoGraphic

 Now, StudioPress is not the cheapest WordPress Themes provider (although still more than reasonably priced), so why would you choose for StudioPress and the Genesis Framework? Well, the above infographic from their website actually says it all. Genesis is known for its security, SEO (which easy implementation of Google Authorship which is more and more important to rank your website easily), instant updates, it is easily customizable (if you have some basic WordPress brain cells that is) and last but not least, it is a very, very trustworthy brand. Their code is clean, which also helps in ranking your website.

Some “smart” people that try to get premium WordPress themes for free and download them from obscure websites based in countries with names you can hardly pronounce actually download “free” themes that contain malicious code and this will hurt your website, believe me. Companiest like StudioPress are known for giving you the advantage of absolutely clean code. Another advantage is the amount of themes you can choose from which are all based on the Genesis framework. Right now they have 43 and about 20+ community themes which are not included in their package, but which are made available through their website and are maintained by third party developers.

CLICK HERE for the Genesis WP Theme

So let’s look at some WordPress examples you can actually check on the Net and use the websites of Copyblogger to give you an idea of how clean the Genesis WordPress Theme is:

Copyblogger uses the Genesis WordPress Theme (framework)

Pretty neat, huh? Now, one thing I want to mention here is the following. If you are an absolute newbie on WordPress, you might want to check out some other themes first before you deal with the Genesis Framework. I am not saying this because the Genesis theme is hard to work with, but in the tutorials provided by StudioPress they sometimes assume you know some basic code and this might be confusing in the beginning and if you have no earlier experience with php and coding in general. But if you got your feet wet already and you are not scared away by some very basic codes, Genesis might just be for you. It is a real clean, mean WordPress machine and you might want to check it out now.

CLICK HERE for the Genesis WP Theme

Last but not least, below you can see the available themes from StudioPress. You can purchase those per theme, or you can go with the Pro Package and purchase them all (including lifetime updates, etc., the whole usual shebang).

If you are familiar with Genesis already and you have tips for new users,
you can leave them in the comments section.

StudioPress Themes based on the Genesis Framework

CLICK HERE for the Genesis WP Theme

Genesis WordPress Theme – Video Tour

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