Some Free Video Backgrounds for your Website

I was doing some testing yesterday with a HD video camera and I recorded the beach behind my house and I thought, what the heck, let’s just give these videos away for free, because they can be used as free video backgrounds on your website if you need one. They are HD and they look really cool and maybe they can be of any use for you, who knows. I don’t like to waste any work and I am not particularly using them and I don’t claim any rights on them (which sometimes can be a pain in the you know what). So feel free to download these free motion backgrounds for your website.

Free Video Backgrounds for Downloading

Screenshot of one of the HD Video Backgrounds

I will add some more in a little while, since I will have to prep them for you and put them on YouTube so you can download them (by the way, if you do not know how, check out this video I recorded about that). Again, these are all centered around the topic “the beach” for the simple reason I live right on the beach and it is 24/7 available to do some video testing :-).

If you like them, I’d appreciate it you leave a comment below as a very small favor, but if you don’t feel like talking today, no problem. Just check if you can use them and enjoy! Tip: You can also use them as green screen video backgrounds.

Free Video Backgrounds available for Downloading

Sea View 1 Free Video Background (Download)

Sea View 2 Video Background (Free Download)

Sea View 3 Video Background (Free Download)

Sea View 4 Video Background (Free Download)

Sea View 5 Video Background (Free Download)

Sea View 6 Video Background (Free Download)

Sea View 7 Video Background (Free Download)

If you look for more backgrounds, below you have some links to other websites I found that you can download (mostly) free HD video backgrounds from:

free green screen video backgrounds (Explanation of how to use them)
video backgrounds for green screen (Videoblocks, paid website with subscription, not affliated by the way)
free stock video backgrounds (You have to register, but it is free)
other free video backgrounds (Here as well, you will have to register, but it’s free)

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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  1. Katherine T Owen

    Thank you so much. I love the sound in them too. So relaxing.


  2. Thanks! …and a quick question… any chance of offering a free *sunset* clip? From the sun touching the water (hopefully your view faces west), until it’s all the way set.

    I can see ocean sunsets right across the street, but I don’t have the right filters, so never seems to come out right.

    — TW

    • Jacobus Lavooij

      Not that sunny here right now TW, but who knows, maybe I grab my camera soon, when the time is right.

  3. Good stuff! Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Caren Glasser

    These are great. Thank you for the share.

    • Jacobus Lavooij

      Hi Caren, you are very welcome. I liked making them! Maybe I should make some more! 🙂

  5. Ethan Hale

    Thank you for your generosity. May we use these in personal/client commercial projects? Not asking to sell them just for use in videos we create.

  6. Absolutely great gift, thanks
    sometimes we have to wonder about “perfect timing”…

  7. Joel Newton

    Hi Jacobus,

    Thank for sharing such neat, relaxing scenes. It will be a pleasure to add them to some web sites – Cheer, blessing, joy and peace…

    • Jacobus Lavooij

      Hi Joel, yes, they are very relaxing! You’re welcome and yes, use them freely!

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