How I found the best WordPress Website Hosting, REALLY!

I know, I know. You have them all over the place, these reviews of website hosts and everybody is raving for the sake of making an extra buck. Well, what can I say. I have been with Hostgator for a very long time and decided to migrate my websites to another web host, for the simple reason that Hostgator’s shared hosting was becoming extremely slow (their support service has been great though, I must admit). When you find out 95% of the websites on the web are faster than your websites and they can’t do anything about it, you start looking out for something else, right? Speed apparently is an important ranking factor for your website so I had to simply find the right host for me.

There are a LOT of web hosts out there and since I tend to follow the advice of, I looked into his preferred web hosts (WestHost for instance). However, those were not that cheap actually and I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for hosting if it ain’t necessary. And then Themeforest came with an offer. As you probably know, Themeforest is a website where you can buy all kinds of WordPress website templates. Their offer was one of those offers you simply can’t refuse. They offered a voucher if you would transfer to one of their supported hosts (offer not valid anymore unfortunately). In short, I was getting the amount I spent on the hosting back in vouchers to be spent on Themeforest. So, my first year of hosting is practically for free.

As I mentioned, I was already looking for another host and I have checked out a few before: Blue Host, WestHost, GoDaddy, etc. GoDaddy I initially tried out myself, but while they are awesome on domain names and service, their web hosting is a disaster I must say. You need an IQ above the level of Einstein to understand their system. They have no cPanel (short for control panel, a brand name for a content management system) and I just got really frustrated with the managing of it all.

That’s when I made the switch from GoDaddy to HostGator a few years ago. But as I said, HostGator’s shared hosting service is pretty much the slowest in the world right now. HostGator has a cPanel system available though and that works fine. Also, their service isn’t that bad at all if you need support. And if their servers weren’t so damn slow, I wouldn’t have made the move to A2 at all.

A list WordPress Website Hosting companies

but they are all owned by the same company…

Another thing that made me look into another host (next to the slow servers) was the fact I read some alarming news on the Endurance International Group, which is the owner of HostGator and BlueHost. But not only those hosts are owned by this Group, there are a lot more, which I list in the box below:


Wordpress Website Hosting Companies owned by the Endurance International Group, Dot5Hosting, HostClear, JustHost, Southeast Web, AccountSupport, Dotster, MyDomain, Spry, A Small Orange, easyCGI, HostNine, MyResellerHome, StartLogic, ApolloHosting, eHost, HostMonster, NetFirms, SuperGreen Hosting, Berry Information Systems, EntryHost,, Networks Web Hosting, USANetHosting, BizLand, FastDomain,, Nexx, VirtualAvenue, BlueDomino, FatCow, HyperMart, PowWeb, VPSLink, FreeYellow, IMOutdoors, PureHost, WebHost4Life, Dollar2Host, [email protected], Intuit Websites, ReadyHosting, Webstrike Solutions,, Homestead, iPage, Saba-Pro, Xeran, DomainHost, HostCentric, IPOWER/iPowerWeb, SEO Hosting and YourWebHosting.

One of the issues I read about is a horror story for a website owner. You can read it here.

Now, I am not saying the Endurance International Group is a bad company (you can click the link to check them out yourself) or that all of these hosts are a total disaster. I am just a concerned website owner and I don’t want to experience an outage like the one mentioned in the article above. And yes, all my websites were down as well, because I was hosting at HostGator, remember? So I personally experienced this problem they had and that didn’t inspire me to continue with them, really. So, now you have a little history and will understand this is not just a review for the sake of making an extra buck. I really looked into who has reliable WordPress website hosting available which is affordable.

Why I can highly recommend A2 WordPress Hosting

A2 WordPress Website Hosting Company

There are several reasons I can highly recommend A2 hosting for your website. First of all, I am not a big migration guru (meaning, transferring my domains from one host to another) and this is one of the things that is all handled by the support staff from A2. That was a big thing for me. I hate it to play around with files and databases to other accounts. If something goes wrong, you waste a lot of time. Second, which is another important thing, is their support is really fast. The only thing I didn’t really get was their live chat. Sometimes that changed into a support ticket while you were waiting, but hey, the answers on those were fast as well. Just something that caught my eye.

Another definite pro (in my opinion) is A2 is innovative as a host. For instance, they were the first host with PHP5 in  2004 if I am not mistaken. Which is another pro, they’re around for a very long time on the web.

On the top of my wish list however, was speed and that is one of the main reasons why I chose for A2, in combination with great tutorials on their website on how to keep your website secure and as fast as possible to please Mr. Google as much as possible.

Last but not least, they have a thing called A2 Optimized for WordPress. This is a system that uses a WordPress plugin to optimize your website as much as possible and most of it happens in the background by the push of a button. So no difficult settings of a cache plugin, etc., it all happens through the use of their own plugin, which installs everything you need and adjusts any settings automatically.

Overall I am very happy with A2 and yes, that’s why I can personally highly recommend it. I genuinely believe A2 is delivering some great WordPress website hosting (with the possibility to have your website file on super duper SSD drives which are 3 times as fast as normal drives) for a very reasonable price. So, why don’t you check it out for yourself now.

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  1. Jacobus

    Just as an update… For the last 48 hours hackers have been trying to compromise my website and with the help of the A2 Support I have been able to keep them out so far… Their support is really awesome! Thank you Jonathan for your great support!

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