Elegant Themes’ Nick Roach – My kind of guy!

I have to say a few words about Nick Roach and Elegant Themes. For the simple reason that I am really impressed with the company and its founder. So let me give you a little history, so you know what I am talking about. Here we go! Three years ago I entered the world called WordPress and I was going to build my first ever WordPress website. So what do you do? You look for free WordPress themes, because you think free is cheap, right? So I floundered around on the web and got more and more frustrated, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for really. I ran into Elegant Themes early in my search, but this was a paid option and I was looking for the free stuff (stupid me).

Why Elegant Themes?

Anyway, I thought, what the heck, $39 for a yearly subscription, anybody can pay that. So I paid my 39 bucks and checked out their website. And there my joy started. I love their website, for the simple reason that it is clean and easy to follow and understand. I bet you have been on websites, just like anybody else, where you had no clue what they were talking about. Hell, I have been on websites where they tried to sell me something and I couldn’t even find the buy button! With Elegant Themes everything is conveniently arranged which makes it a pleasure to visit the website.

Nick Roach, owner of Elegant Themes

So there I was in 2011 and of course I immediately ran into my first problem. I had NO CLUE whatsoever on how to make small changes to my website. So I went onto the forum of Elegant Themes and I must say, best forum I have been on, hands down. Not only it is clean and easy to search, but the personnel of Elegant Themes is fast, communicates clearly, doesn’t give you the feeling you are stupid because they are the WP geeks, etc. Really, it is almost a pleasure to run into a problem with your website. I’ve had questions answered in less than 3 minutes!!!! How’s that for service.

Which brings me to Nick Roach. Although I have emailed with him a couple of times, I do not know Nick really. But yet, I have a clue about how he is as a business owner. You see, I have been dealing as a trainer with business owners and I know that the great business minds in this world have one thing in common: they know how to organize and know how to run their personnel. I once heard someone say that in the behaviour and competence of personnel you see a reflection of the owner. Well, if that happens to be true, than Nick knows how to organize and how to run his personnel.

On the website of graphicdesign.com I read an interview with Nick and one thing he said in this interview basically tells you a lot about the person Nick Roach, and I quote: Modesty is a huge deal for me personally. It’s weird to think about that in design, but it’s similar to simplicity – not being too flashy. Flashy as a personal trait and flashy in design do not appeal to me. End of quote. Need I say more?

For me Elegant Themes is overdelivering every time I deal with them. It is such a smooth operating machine and that is exactly what you need when you work with WordPress and deal with the daily peculiarities of your website. Speed of communication is power to me, because when I am in need of assistance and it would take ages before I get an answer to my question, it irritates the hell out of me. And I think that it would irritate you too! Right?

If you think that I am trying to sell you a subscription to Elegant Themes, hell yeah! I do. But not necessarily for the money. But I know how it can be when you start your business and you lack the help to get your website going. And I can assure you, Nick and his crew (15 personnel at the moment of this writing) know their business and have never failed me in the three years that I am dealing with them now. So I can highly recommend them. Click the button below to check out their WordPress themes gallery. And if you have any question about Elegant Themes, ask it in the comments below and I will answer you (although I am not so sure I can answer as fast as they do 🙂 )

Check out the Elegant Themes Gallery. CLICK!


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