Divi Theme and Divi Builder Reference List – End May/Mid October 2015

This is a special reference list I made for all you Divi Theme users. This list has the most popular (most shared on social media) posts about the Divi Theme and Divi Builder (and including the Divi Nation podcastst) written on the Elegant Themes blog in the period of End May till Mid October (the date of this post). I also mentioned the date of each post, so you have the correct date reference. This is marked in orange highlight. In yellow highlight you see the amount of shares (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest combined) at the time I wrote this post.

The reason I wrote this post is because it is very helpful for myself and thus I think also for you. It is not a timeline really (as they are out of sequence and therefore I added the date so you can see where it fits on the development stage timeline) but it gives an idea of what is the most popular on the Elegant Themes blog and thus what has the most value for you to read through if you want to learn more about the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder.

Hope it is of help!

Divi Theme and Divi Builder References

Divi 2.4 Has Arrived! Welcome To The Biggest Upgrade In Divi’s History – Welcome to the biggest upgrade in Divi’s history. In no product has our team put more time, effort and love than Divi, and never has a Divi update been more expansive than 2.4.
June 17, 2015 4861 shares

Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring The Divi Role Editor, Live Preview And Much More! – Divi 2.5 is here, and it’s packed with some really great new features that are going to improve your experience with the Divi Builder by leaps and bounds.
September 2, 2015 4097 shares

The Divi Builder Plugin Has Arrived – A Drag & Drop Page Builder For Any WordPress Theme – Today we are excited to announce that the Divi Builder has been released in the form of a stand-alone plugin. This means you can take the power of the Divi Builder (previously only available in our Divi Theme) and use it anywhere!
October 7, 2015 3188 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: A FREE Library Pack Built With Divi’s New Advanced Design Settings – If you haven’t explored Divi 2.4 yet, you are probably asking yourself: “Wait, what is the Divi Library?” Put simply, it’s a new place for you to save individual Modules, Rows, Sections or even entire layouts that you have built using the Divi Builder. Once an item has been saved to the library, it can be quickly accessed from within the builder. These library items are like tools in your new web design toolkit, and can be used when creating new pages on your website or when creating new websites for your clients.
June 19, 2015 1285 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Building Beautiful Blog Posts With The Divi Builder – The story driven post is the start of a blogging revolution. Designers have been doing it for years in print media, where design programs gave them free reign over the page. Creating dynamic articles where typography, shapes and images intertwined to give each page its own personality. As the web has evolved, so have posts, transforming slowly from plain paragraphs into mixed-media masterpieces.
June 20, 2015 1023 shares

A Sneak Peek At Divi 2.5, And An Update To The Divi Production Timeline – You might be asking yourself: Divi 2.5? Wait, I thought The Divi Builder Plugin was next on the production timeline? You’re right, we originally planned to release The Divi Builder Plugin before Divi 2.5. After some thought, we flip-flopped and decided it would better serve everyone if we rolled our framework updates into Divi 2.5 first, while at the same time continuing to focus on the various Divi bug fixes and improvements requested by the community. We want to make Divi absolutely perfect before expanding it into plugin form.
August 12, 2015 794 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: All New Footer Layouts And Design Settings – The Divi Theme Customizer got a huge makeover in 2.4, and one of the customizer sections is dedicated to your website footer. Now you can select a footer column layout, style the text of your widgets, and customize your footer menu styles if you’ve assigned a footer menu.
June 21, 2015 754 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Why Rows Are Now the Most Versatile Part Of Divi, And How You Can Use Them Effectively – If you are a Divi user, you know that the layouts built with the Divi Builder are broken up into three elements: Sections, Rows and Modules. Sections are your largest organizational element, used to separate big blocks of content on the page. Inside of each section are placed Rows of columns, and inside each column can be any number of Modules. These are the building blocks of your page. Modules are the content, but Rows control how that content is arranged. Using different combinations of column layouts, you can create a vast array of layouts.
June 24, 2015 737 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: A FREE Library Pack Built From Everything We’ve Learned in the Divi 2.4 Blog Series – Take a Quick Look At the Demo Page We are Going to Build. I chose this page to cover because of its wide variety of Divi 2.4 features such as the new theme settings, fullwidth rows, fullscreen headers, global elements, transparent background colors, custom css, advanced module settings and so much more.
June 30, 2015 672 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: All New Header Styles And Design Settings – The the customizer gives you so much more control than you had before. Give your fixed navigation a custom design, hide/show your logo on scroll, and even center your logo inline with your menu links.
June 23, 2015 662 shares

Coming Soon: The Divi Builder Plugin – Divi wont change. The Divi Theme will continue to include the Divi Builder packaged with it (just like it is now), as will our future multi-purpose themes. When you use Divi or any theme powered by the Divi Builder, you wont be forced to install any additional plugins.
July 1, 2015 587 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: How To Use Semi-Transparent Colors Creatively Throughout Your Website – In Divi 2.4 we introduced new color pickers with alpha controls. These let you select and input RGBa color values. What is RGBa? RGBa is a color value that is defined by its RGB value plus an alpha value, which is what that little ‘a’ stands for. You can think of the alpha value as an opacity value. For example… Black can by represented in a couple different ways: #000000; or rgb(0,0,0). We can use a third method that looks like this: rgba(0,0,0,1); where the 1 represents its opacity on a scale of 0 – 1. Using this scale we can create a 50% transparent black with rgba(0,0,0,0.5).
June 25, 2015 524 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Using The Divi Code Module To Integrate Third Party Plugins Into The Builder – In Divi 2.4, it is easier than ever to integrate third party plugins directly into the Divi Builder. This is thanks to the new Code Module and Fullwidth Code Module. When in the past, text modules could be used to add shortcodes to the page, the module came with extra bells and whistles that were superfluous for code integration. More importantly, no method for adding shortcodes to Fullwidth Sections existed. Both of these issues have been solved in 2.4, and it’s amazing what a simple module can allow you to do.
June 22, 2015 511 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 01 — Successful Solopreneurship with Eileen Lonergan – Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast and YouTube show – Divi Nation! In this episode we talk with Eileen Lonergan about Successful Solopreneurship with Divi.
August 25, 2015 480 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: The Power Of Divi’s Global Modules And How To Use Them – If you haven’t explored Divi 2.4 yet, you are probably asking yourself: “Wait, what is the Divi Library?” Put simply, it’s a new place for you to save individual Modules, Rows, Sections or even entire layouts that you have built using the Divi Builder. Once an item has been saved to the library, it can be quickly accessed from within the builder. These library items are like tools in your new web design toolkit, and can be used when creating new pages on your website or when creating new websites for your clients.
June 18, 2015 411 shares

Divi 2.4 Beta Testing Will Open Next Week! Apply To Become A Tester Today – What is the Divi beta testing program? Put simply, we will be inviting a small group of Divi power users to test out the theme for 1-2 weeks before it is launched to help us catch any bugs that have slipped through the cracks and assist us in considering the implication of new features.
May 28, 2015 379 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Using The All New Full Screen Header Module – Divi has always had a Fullwidth Header module. In Divi 2.4, however, this module has been greatly expanded with dozens of new options that make it one of the most versatile modules in Divi’s collection. There are over 20 different possible layouts that can now be created with this single module, and a myriad of new styling options that can be applied to each element (thanks to Divi’s new Advanced Design Settings). Where before you were limited to only two pieces of information in your header (Title and Subhead), the header has now been expanded to include various images, buttons and backgrounds (each of which can be arranged in different ways). To top things off, a new “Full Screen Mode” has been added to the header, which will force the header to extend the full height of the browser.
June 28, 2015 355 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 6 – Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz – In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with Geno Quiroz. Geno is a Divi specialist who runs his own web agency, does white label Divi work for other agencies, and consults on a wide variety of Divi related web projects. We talk about what exactly a Divi Consultant is and how to succeed as one.
September 29, 2015 198 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 3 – Storytelling Design featuring Melissa Love – How exactly does one tell a story with their web design? And how can that possibly have anything to do with their site’s success? Find out in today’s edition of Divi Nation as guest host Melissa Love and I explore the topic of Storytelling Design.
September 9, 2015 182 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Creating A Unique And Unified Blog Design Using The Global Post Title Module – Today I will be showing you how to create a unique look for your blog, and how to unify that look using Global Modules. Why is this combo so important? Because once you have created your new blog look using the Global Post Title Module, the style can be changed across your entire blog without having to edit every single post! There are 3 important pieces to this puzzle.
June 26, 2015 175 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 02 – Unlocking the Good Life with Divi ft. David Blackmon – We’re back this week with our second episode of Divi Nation. This week we’ve got even more segments than last week including our very first installments of “This Week in WordPress”, “Plugin Highlight”, and “Divi Design Challenge”. I had a great time putting this episode together and I hope you enjoy it just as much as the first one!
September 1, 2015 167 shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: How The Custom CSS Tab and The Divi Library Can Transform Your Workflow – Sections, Rows, & Modules all have their very own Custom CSS tabs in the Divi Builder. This lets you add custom css to your page and even more specifically, directly to individual elements on the page. There is nothing wrong with doing this via a child theme or within the Elegant Themes ePanel, but you might find yourself using those methods far less with these new features at your fingertips.
June 27, 2015 166  shares

Exploring Divi 2.4: Using The Module Customizer to Control 100’s of New Module Styles – Another customizer!? Yes, we have added a new customizer, separate from the Theme Customizer, that lets you customize hundreds of default module styles. For example, set the default top and bottom padding for the Slide Module—then anytime you add a new slider, it will inherit the Module Customizer settings. This customizer is going to save you a ton of time and even further decrease the need for child theme customizations.
June 29, 2015 166 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 7 – Building Your Sales Funnel with Andrew Palmer – In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with Andrew Palmer to talk about how you can build your sales funnel.
October 6, 2015 134 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 5 – Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon – In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with tech consultant, author, and speaker Phil Simon to talk about what it takes to build an effective personal brand. Our interview and discussion focuses on three key areas: establishing authority, projecting a relevant (and genuine) persona, as well as gauging audience perception.
September 22, 2015 114 shares

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 4 – Mastering the Final 5%: Taking Your Website from Good to Great with SJ James – Whether you like to watch or listen to Divi Nation, I hope you’ll join SJ and I for our fourth episode. I was incredibly impressed with SJ’s ability to intelligently discuss some of the most crucial aspects of putting out top quality Divi websites.
September 15, 2015 109 shares

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