How to Design and Develop a WordPress Website from Scratch

Creating a website from scratch is no longer a difficult thing. It doesn’t require any hard coding or designing skills. Of course, it was considered a difficult job when websites were created in HTML and CSS. It was very time-consuming and challenging.

The invention of Content Management Systems like WordPress has made it really easy to develop a website from scratch. WordPress is a user-friendly and easy to manage system, it makes it accessible to almost everyone. Millions of websites are running on WordPress platform today. One can easily get attracted towards the popularity of WordPress while developing the very first website.

Let us have a look on some of the basic things which you need to develop a WordPress website from scratch.

basics of designing and developing a wordpress website from scratch

The Basics of Designing and Developing
a WordPress Website from Scratch

Compile The Content

First of all collect and compile all the information and content you want to put on your website. It is as important as other things in the development process. It will enable you to go manage your proceedings smoothly and efficiently.

compile the content

Domain and Hosting

Putting first things first, all you need to start your website is a domain name and the web hosting. It gives you a sense of more professionalism. Choosing a domain name is not rocket science. You just need to be a little careful. The domain name should not be too fancy or weird to remember. Rather, it should be a simple and catchy one.

domain and hosting

Installing WordPress

Once you have done with the domain name and the hosting, you are up for the next step.

It is the time to install WordPress. It is a super simple task. Just follow the simple steps:

Go to the hosting account → Access the cPanel → Click on the WordPress Icon → Choose the domain name → click on install now

This will take you through to the installation process. If you need a manual installation then you must recheck with your web host as most hosting companies provide the one-click installation feature.


Choose a theme

After completing the installation process you can choose a theme for your website. It is just another great feature of WordPress. You can choose from a wide range of professionally designed themes or even customize one specifically for you. Find a theme is an easy job again. Go to your WordPress dashboard. You will find a number of themes here. Find the theme of your choice. Once you have found that you can easily install the theme. Choosing a responsive theme which can look good all the devices is always a smart choice. The guys from WordPress Examples suggest you look at the Divi Theme.

choose a theme

Create Pages

After doing with the theme you are ready to create pages and adding content to it. This is what you were waiting for. You can insert any content or images you want to. But do not forget to create a home page for your website. You can add and edit your posts easily.

create pages

Using a static home page

When you create a new WordPress website it looks more like a blog post. Don’t worry, it is because of the default settings. You can set it right by making some changes in the settings menu. Go to the Reading settings in the settings menu and select a Front page.

static home page

Creating the menu

Once you have added the pages and content to your website, you can create a menu consisting f all the pages. It makes the navigation easy for the users.

create menu


You can customize the page titles and taglines from the settings menu. You can even disable the comments for a particular page.


Installing Plugins

Plugins improve the functionality of your WordPress website. Plugins are small scripts or programs which give new heights to your newly built WordPress website. They add more features to your site and increase its capability. You can do a lot to your website using WordPress plugins.

install plugin

Boost your SEO

What you will expect from your website ultimately is a good search engine rankings. Although it depends on many factors, WordPress is loaded with SEO boosting plugins. You can use them to make your website more and more SEO friendly. WordPress Examples recommends Yoast SEO.

These are some simple know-hows which can help you in developing a WordPress website. You can easily develop a functional website from scratch with little knowledge of WordPress. Now if you feel you are familiar with the basics of WordPress you can look at it a little deeper. You can expand your development skills using PHP and HTML making you more efficient.

wordpress seo title settings


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About the Author

Kate Sheren is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd., and helps global clients in WordPress Website Development. If you need to hire a WordPress Developer connect with her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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