Show Don’t Tell: The Trick To Short Circuiting Your Next Rate Negotiation

Some negotiations are almost complete before anyone even mentions price. As a freelancer you can’t avoid the “so what do you charge?” conversation. For many people even the thought of it brings them out in cold sweats. So how do you do most of your negotiating before you even mention your price? When you meet a client they are assessing everything about you, to see if they think that you will be...
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How To Make More Money As A Web Developer

As a web designer and/or developer, you are constantly looking for new clients, I get that. But what about your existing clients? Has it ever occurred to you that experienced marketers do everything to get a new client (using a so-called Tripwire) because of the endless possibilities they see in the future relationship with that client? This is not my bright idea, but if you want to know more...
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Great New Webinar Software For Your WordPress Business

I hardly ever do this, but today I ran into a product that is getting my creative brain cells buzzing, so yes, I want to promote this offer here. Because it is a simple product, looks solid and is built by a reliable marketer who is marketing online for a very long time already, Sam Bakker. The product is called RunAWebinar. You might ask yourself, why promote this product on a website that is...
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Is this one of the best things ever?

Today I ran into something which just might be the best thing ever in the history of getting leads for your business as a web developer or designer. And when I saw Ryan Deiss is actually loving this stuff (it is not his product as far as I can see), I got a little interested to look into it a little further. There is not a lot to say about it other then it is a new function added to Twitter,...
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Ultimate Webinar Tips and Tricks and Best Practices Page

More and more entrepeneurs and home business owners discover the power of a webinar. And let’s face it, it makes total sense. If you start a business it doesn’t take you very long to understand you can’t make Google your first strategy, because SEO is as stable a business strategy as a 247 storey card house. In my opinion, you can’t be taken serious anymore if your...
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