Bloom Plugin Tutorials (Videos)

You’ve landed on the ultimate tutorial page of the Bloom plugin from Elegant Themes. Just as I did with the Monarch Plugin and the Divi WordPress theme I took the tutorials from Nick Roach and combined them in a few videos. The difference on the videos below is that I made a menu in the beginning of the videos so you can scroll through the videos easily. Whenever Nick is referring to a tutorial in the video he is recording, you will find a little note in the screen that refers to which tutorial number you should watch to get all the data from that tutorial.

You might have noticed I love Elegant Themes, Nick Roach, his team and his designs. I think in the near future there will be only a few big WP Theme companies left which deliver a total solution. We all know Woo Themes and this company is not going away and IS the biggest WordPress Theme company around. Elegant Themes comes in second place is more and more becoming the company that gives you a total WordPress solution.

That is why I have put a lot of time in creating these tutorials and also cleaned them up soundwise a little, so it is more pleasant to listen at. Unfortunately Nick had a little cold when he recorded some of them and I have edited the sound so you won’t notice that anymore. A great designer deserves a great sound experience.

Don’t have Bloom yet? Download it HERE!

How to use the Bloom Tutorials

Below you will first find a menu video for your convenience. If you just open that video in YouTube and bookmark it (also smart to bookmark this page by the way, because this page contains all sub menus, which are not in the menu video), you will always have it at hand and can always switch quickly between tutorials if you want to. You just click the link in the video (which are simple overlays in YouTube which guide you to the exact location in the 3 videos.

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You can also use the below videos with the menus below, which also give you a sub menu, for easy reference. By just glancing over the sub menu you might immediately find what you are looking for and by clicking the link you will be taken directly to that part of the video. Everything is arranged per video, so you will find the video of Part 1 with the menus below, then Part 2 and then Part 3. In total these tutorials are over 5 hours of great info.

The first part of video 1 is the overall overview video. This part contains pretty much anything you need to know about the plugin. However, I advise you to watch the very detailed video parts as well on specifically the Design settings. In the in-depth tutorials Nick gives a lot of tips and tricks to get the most out of your Bloom plugin.

If you have any questions, let me know below in the comments.

Bloom Plugin Tutorial Video Part 1

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Below in the menu you’ll see the main sections of the video hightlighted in yellow. Below the main section you will see the sub menu. The timing after the titles corresponds with the actual timing in the videos.

01-A Basic Overview Of The Bloom Plugin 01:35

design setting 09:50

display settings overview 19:14

load in settings 21:15

triggers 22:06

display settings continued 27:29

display on categories 28:43

individual post and page targeting 29:25

explanation of icons 32:10

duplicating popup 32:46

split testing option 34:16

more about the dashboard 38:07

import and export tab 38:18

accounts tab 38:44

authorizing an account incorrectly 40:37

the stats tab 42:37

popup examples 44:20

02-How to Use Bloom Short Codes 53:00

where to find your active short codes 57:10

the parts of the locked Opt In short code 58:08

03-How To Export And Import Opt In With Bloom 1:00:05

04-How To Use The Bloom Design Settings 1:01:47

customizing a template 1:05:03

image placement 1:09:31

load in animations 1:11:39

the background color 1:12:11

the text color 1:12:50

the corner style 1:13:27

borders 1:13:52

the name field 1:17:19

form styling 1:19:48

form edge style 1:22:11

the footer text 1:23:26

the succes message text 1:24:00

05-How To Use The Bloom Display Settings 1:24:47

creating a new opt in form 1:27:21

creating an opt in form for a specific post 1:37:00

creating an opt in form for pages 1:40:09

more about the load in settings 1:42:04

Bloom Plugin Tutorial Video Part 2

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06-How To Use Split Testing In Bloom 01:31

07-How To Use Triggers In Bloom 13:43

08-How To Create A Pop up Opt in In Bloom 33:33

adding the email marketing account 35:05

designing the Opt in Form 38:00

image settings 41:42

form setup 44:12

form styling 45:22

display settings 47:29

09-How To Create Below The Post Opt In With Bloom 59:21

form styling 1:09:33

10-How To Create A Locked Opt In Form With Bloom 1:19:22

image settings 1:25:45

how to find all Bloom short codes from your website 1:35:23

11-How To Create An Inline Opt In Form With Bloom 1:36:36

opt in styling options 1:45:33

Bloom Plugin Tutorial Video Part 3

12-How To Create a Fly In Optin Box With Bloom 01:31

Opt in styling 08:55

display settings 14:42

13-How To Create A Widget Opt In With Bloom 30:32

14-How To Add Mailing List Accounts In Bloom 47:11

connecting to MailChimp 49:50

connecting to AWeber 52:39

connecting to Constant Contact 53:59

Documentation Page with Constant Contact link referred to in the video

connecting to Campaign Monitor 58:58

connecting to Mad Mimi 59:59

connecting to iContact 1:01:26

Documentation Page with iContact link referred to in the video

connecting to GetResponse 1:04:04

connecting to SendinBlue 1:05:07

installing MailPoet 1:06:19

connecting to Ontraport 1:07:45

connecting to Feedblitz 1:09:24

connecting to Infusionsoft 1:10:29

Documentation Section of Bloom

Below are the links to the written documentation at the Elegant Themes site if you prefer to also see the written documentation. With these links you literally have all the tools to get the most our of your Bloom Plugin. We also put them here because these pages will always be up-to-date. However, the videos on those pages are all in the three tutorial videos above (if not updated).


Bloom Basics

Opt-in Types

Don’t have Bloom yet? Download it HERE!

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