Are your old WordPress themes killing you?

I was reading an interesting blog post on the website of Silicon Republic today about old WordPress themes, which is basically warning for a sort of an invisible problem that we as owners of WordPress website face. The article describes how we switch from theme to theme and then leave the old WP themes in the themes folder on the webserver. These themes just sit there and are not used anymore....
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18 Cheap WordPress templates – Video

Well, I guess you are looking for some cheap WordPress templates! Now, why would you be looking for cheap WordPress templates? I guess it is because you do not want to spent a lot of money on them. But wait! Is cheap always cheap? And what is your budget? I mean, cheap has a different meaning for a wealthy banker than for the guy that wants to make some extra money with his passion of for the...
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What is WordPress all about?

“What is WordPress all about?” someone asked me recently. I then told him it is all about who you are and what you want to accomplish on the Net, which of course didn’t really tell him anything. Fact was the guy was asking me the question in a bit of an annoying way, as if I am some kind of nerd that plays with a toy called WordPress that nobody likes. And that is the point. If...
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How to build a website with WordPress videos

We have some videos for you on the topic of How to build a website with WordPress. It is simple. Below in our video player you can choose from a series of videos on how to build a website with WordPress. You can scroll through the list and see what is looking right for you. Then click the video and see what happens! By the way, if you want to have a player just like this, click the link here....
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What are good business WordPress themes?

The question we are going to answer today is: “What are good business WordPress themes?” And when we answer that question, we have to establish what the word “good” means here. Does good mean “what makes you a lot of money?” Does it mean it gives you a lot of new customers? All good questions, but since we have a lot of experience with small business owners, a...
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