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While I think it is pretty obvious on this website what I think are the best WordPress themes, I want to elaborate a little on the subject, because I have a reason why I think the best WordPress themes are sold by Elegant Themes. When I first had to built a WordPress website I had been looking into free WordPress themes endlessly. I mean, just check out the Net and you will practically find hundreds of thousands WordPress themes. But given the fact I have been around in the world of business for a while, I always look at the whole package. Free or cheap is not always the best deal you can get. Guys that have been in business for a while know this is true.

Best WordPress Themes – what to look for…

In the case of getting a WordPress theme these days (and especially when you are a beginner and are not an expert in WordPress) you have to take into account the hours spend on building and setting up your WordPress website and, more imporantly, maintaining it all the time. Because sometimes WP takes some maintaining. And here we have the crux of the matter. As WP takes maintaining (and WP themes takes some adjustment here and there) you don’t get far by getting a free template, because who is going to tell you what to do? Right, Mr. Google at best and that takes time. Not to mention you get into all finds of “techy” stuff from the real geeks. And make no mistake, I am not a WP geek. I am just trying to tell you what is the best method of setting up a website that works and makes you some money maybe.

Best WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes

So the reason why I think Elegant Themes sells the best WordPress themes is because of their awesome forum. Elegant Themes pays moderators which are highly skilled to help you out on your endeavours into the world of WordPress. And THAT pays of. In many, many, many cases I couldn’t figure out what to do and the forum team helped me out, sometimes in minutes! So, as I said, the best WordPress themes are not necessarily free, but I consider the WP themes of Elegant Themes super cheap (you get a theme for less than a cup of coffee basically although you have to buy them all for 39 dollars). Anyway, my two cents on the subject of the best WordPress themes. Just check out Elegant Themes and see for yourself.

Best WordPress Themes – Video

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