Best WordPress Plugins (IMHO)

If you write a blog post about the best WordPress plugins (and might I stress here, in my honest opinion) I can already hear a lot of WP geeks saying (after reading the post) “You forgot bla plugin, which is really awesome!” So, bare with me, I am just going to tell you what plugins I think are the best WordPress plugins and with which I have some good experiences. To do so, I think you should make some categories of plugins (if anybody is going to take you seriously), because I think some of the plugins for WP are absolutely vital and some are just nice to have. With all plugins I will tell you experience and if there are some peculiarities about the plugins or not. So let’s go and decide on which categories of plugins I am going to cover here for you:

    • Absolutely Vital WP plugins
    • Enhancing Functionality plugins
    • Nice to have plugins

Best WordPress Plugins Explained

Absolutely Vital WP plugins

When I think of absolutely vital WordPress Plugins I think of traffic mainly. We all want to make some dough and to tell you the truth, SEO is like good old shotgun marketing in my opinion, so what I did when I was looking for an SEO plugin, was looking for what is considered the most professional wiht the least amount of work to be done on every blog post you write. Needless to say, there are a LOT of SEO plugins, probably the most well-known being All in One SEO, but on one site that I had which was getting a LOT of traffic (14.000 views a day), this plugin was giving me some serious trouble with my Host.

During a conversation with one of the helpdesk guys, he told me this plugin is not very suitable for high traffic websites on shared hosting (I know, why not better hosting). Basically this plugin is in need of a lot of juice to properly function so to speak. They gave me another one (Greg’s High Performance SEO) which I was not really happy about. Not that I don’t think it is a functional plugin, but it looks to me it is more written with a “geek viewpoint” in mind. I am not a coder really and it just doesn’t seem like a plugin I can work with really. Others make think differently though.Best_Wordpress_plugins_Yoast

So what IS an absolutely vital WP plugin and why do I think the next plugin falls under the heading of best WordPress plugins around these days? For WordPress purposes I use WordPress SEO from Joost de Valk aka Yoast (from Recently this free plugin also has a paid premium version which is pre-released. You can read about WordPress SEO Premium if you click the link.

The reason I like his plugin so much, is gave me traffic. Also, it is very easy to set up. If you read this article, you will see that setting up this plugin is a breeze and after you have set it up, you are basically done and don’t have to change or tweak anything anymore. Just use it while you are writing your blog posts and you will find out this plugin is doing all the work for you.

One of the best WordPress Plugins
Video SEO by Yoast

If you write a post about the best WordPress plugins, you just have to talk about Video SEO by Yoast. Personally I think this is my favorite WordPress plugin, for the simple reason that when you combine it with WordPress SEO, you have a total winner. Video SEO basically puts a little screenshot of the video on your web page in the search engine results. With this plugin you can rank for your Vimeo or YouTube video AND for the same video in your blog post. If you want to know more about one of the best WordPress plugins around, click here.

 This blog post about the Best WordPress Plugins will be updated soon…

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