Best WordPress and Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers and Developers

Today we checked into the plugins used by designers and developers and we found over 40 of the best and most shared blog posts on the web. Some of these have been shared on social media over 10.000 times, so you can imagine, this is the good stuff. I would say about 70% is Photoshop related and the rest is about WordPress plugins. But as mentioned, these plugins are specifically for designers and developers. You won’t find the usual plugins here for WP as you can imagine.

As usual, we would appreciate it if you share this page with your fellow designers and developers. We spend quite some time on researching this list and we can assure you, this is the creme de la creme in blog posts about WordPress and Photoshop plugins, period! If you have other great stuff, make sure you let us know down in the comments section. Happy hunting!

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Best WordPress and Photoshop Plugins for Designers and Developers

The Best WP and Photoshop Plugins
for Designers and Developers

The 43 best Photoshop plugins – Create amazing images and designs with this selection of the most creative, useful, and time-saving Photoshop plugins available.

108 Best Photoshop Plugins & Extensions for 2015 – This enormous collection of the best Photoshop plugins for print designers gives you more control, power and options than your standard Photoshop toolkit.

100+ Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers – Photoshop is the most commonly used design tool, it is the best and versatile design tool for website Designing. But sometimes photoshop is limited for some reason, but with the use of proper plugins photoshop might work like a dream. Today we are showcasing some of the best photoshop plugins for web designers to speed up workflow.

The 25 best Photoshop tools for web designers – Speed up your web design work by letting these handy Photoshop plugins and other tools take the strain.

25 Photoshop Plugins That Will Blow Your Mind – Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Best WordPress Plugins in 2015 – We’ve decided to go another route with the resource you’re reading right now. Instead of listing the top and most popular plugins in the WordPress world, we’re focusing on team non-obvious.

18 great WordPress plugins for designers – We present great WordPress plugins for adding analytics, pricing tables and more to your site.

The best free WordPress plugins for January 2015 – Ah, January. The new year is a great time to evaluate your life, and your choices. This year, why don’t you ask yourself if you’re using the right plugins for

50 Best Photoshop Plugins to Impress all Professionals – Find some of best Photoshop plugins that are highly impressive and professional in saving time with an increase in productivity.

15 Essential WordPress Plugins for Portfolio Sites – With the right plugins and a bit of know-how, WordPress can be used to create almost any type of website imaginable. It’s the perfect platform to use for creating an online portfolio: it looks great, it can be managed remotely from any computer, it requires very little knowledge of HTML and, most importantly, it’s completely free.

15 Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins for Developers! – In this post I’m going to show you 15+ unknown and free WordPress plugins every WordPress developer should know when building up his/her WordPress portfolio.

Top 25 OS X Sketch Plugins for Designers – These free Sketch plugins are perfect for digital designers who are experienced or brand new to using

14 Best Free Photoshop Plugins For Designers 2015 – today we round up the best free Photoshop [plugins for designers in 2015.

10+ Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers – Using Photoshop extensions greatly increase its ability to help you design, steamline your workflow and make you be more productive. You can use a Photoshop

The 8 most useful Photoshop plugins for web design – Some designers think that Photoshop is not an appropriate tool for web design, but it is still used by many to create mock-ups. If you are one of the desig

Developer Plugin: Essential for WordPress Theme Development – Setting up a good WordPress development environment will go a long way to assist you when coding either a new WordPress theme or plugin. In this first part of the series, we will set up an environment that will aid us in having the a solid experience when building themes. In subsequent parts of the series, we will review the recommended plugins and significant role each plays.

15 of the Best Time Saving Photoshop Plugins – Photoshop has it’s limitations, which means we have to find interesting ways around certain problems. This can eat up a lot of time. Here’s some incredible plugins to help you get some of that time back.

13 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Amateur Web Designers – WordPress has numerous plugins and widgets to help you make your blog much better and efficient.

10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Image Performance – Learn to speed up your WordPress website by improving image performance using these recommended image optimization WordPress Plugins and tips from Freddy.

20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability – WordPress has pretty decent typography features in the core installation. But there are plenty of areas ripe for improvement. That’s where the plugins below

18 Best Photoshop Plugins For Designers – One of the handy tools not bound to be used by web or graphic designers but can also be employed by creative artists extending from photographers to bloggers. Photoshop plugins is the foremost choice of many designers or illustrators, tends to be the most powerful and popular graphic editing extension.

40 Fantastic Open Source WordPress Plugins – I have put together 40 new WordPress plugins for managing bits of functionality in your website. These are all free to download and you can even install them right from your WP Admin Plugins menu. Granted some of these examples may not prove useful to everyone. But it is encouraging to see lots of creativity from WordPress developers, along with the openness of sharing their efforts with the community.

10 Fresh Free WordPress Plugins (Edition: April 2015) – Once again we have browsed the plugin directory of WordPress to find the best new WordPress tools for you. Plugins round WordPress off and without them you would have an extremely limited CMS. You won’t find well-known extensions in this list, but a potpourri of really fresh, new and unspent plugins that give you the best benefit. There should be something for most WordPress website operators.

15 Plugins and Tools Every Developer & Freelancer Needs – Building a WordPress website is a complex task. Whenever possible though, we want to try and make that task as easy and efficient as possible. So I asked a few of the top WordPress developers what tools and plugins they use. Here is a list of what they recommend.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Watermarking Images on Your Blog – If you’re a graphic designer, Web designer, photographer or just like to take and use your own photos on your blog, you know how valuable these images are. There’s nothing like having your image stolen and used on another website or blog without your permission. Even worse, some may even take the credit for your hard work.

Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers – These plugins are useful for both personal and professional use, which increase the importance of these plugins. Thereby, this post is for all of you there.

25 Professional and Incredibly Powerful Photoshop Plugins – Freebies are awesome, and design blogs are full of them, but sometimes you need a professional tool to handle your professional design & web design tasks.

25 Free Awesome Photoshop Plugins for Designers – Photoshop is still the most popular and powerful graphics editor, and the default choice of many designers, illustrators and photographers. But sometimes photoshop is limited for some reason, Yet countless scripts and plugins are available to help you extend and improve Photoshop’s functionality.

The 36 Best Photoshop Plugins for Designers – Our 36 selective Photoshop plugins help you to create awesome images and amazing designs. These plugins are most creative, useful, time-saving and effective for designers.

20 Free Photoshop Plugins For Designers & Developers – Here are best free Photoshop plugins 2014 that can help you speed up your workflow when you design and build websites. Hopefully you can use some of them.

Top 21 Photoshop Plugins and Extensions for Designers and Developers – The further you get into using Photoshop, the more you begin to wonder how you can save some time and speed up your workflow. Photoshop has a ton of built in tools, but there are plenty of plugins and extensions, both paid and free, that will make your life as a designer or developer easier. Here is a list of the best Photoshop plugins and extensions for designers and developers, along with a short description of what they each do. If you have some favorites of your own, leave them in the comments and we’ll check them out.

These 50+ Photoshop Plugins Will Save You Time and Money – In this article we’ll showcase more than 50 Photoshop plugins that you should be aware of – some are for design and others are geared towards photography.

25 Best Photoshop Plugins That Will Save Your Time – Looking for useful Photoshop plugins? Here is a list of 25 best Photoshop plugins that will help you save a lot of time.

Interesting Plugins for Web Designers and Developers – The vast majority of web designers and web developers can recognize a premium plugin when they see it. We choose these plugins depending on the task at hand. If the website we set out to create is based on WordPress, it’s paramount for our plugins not only to provide us with the functionality we desire, but also integrate well with the platform that we’re using.

A List of 20+ Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers – Have a look at a list of handpicked Photoshop plugins for web designers. Facilitate your workflow and manage tasks much quicker than you commonly do by hand.

Improve Your Blog’s Design with These Style-enhancing WordPress Plugins – Shaun Quarton details some awesome style-enhancing WordPress plugins to improve the design of your website or blog.

Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins For Designers – Adobe Photoshop is undeniably powerful, but for many designers, extra Photoshop plugins will help you that much further.

13 Lucky Plugins for WordPress Developers – Gravitate is a digital marketing and design agency. Read our post “13 Lucky Plugins for WordPress Developers”.

14 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins – Design is now only limited by your imagination as these best choice of Adobe Photoshop plugins can be a game changer for your futuristic designs.

20 Free Photoshop Plugins For Designers – Create amazing photos and designs with this collection of free Photoshop plugins. These free plugins will extend Photoshop’s features and will help you to complete tedious tasks in seconds.

10 Useful Photoshop Plugins and Tools for Web Designers – Freebies are awesome, and design blogs are dispersing them like pennies from Heaven, but there are times where you need something which is of higher quality design wise as well as certain tools by which to handle professional design related tasks.

10 WordPress Plugins to Do More With Your Format – This nice list wordpress plugins that will allow you to manipulate fonts and other typography associated elements with a lot more ease and flexibility.

20 Best Photoshop Plugins For Designers (2015) – In this post, we are bringing top 20 best photoshop plugins for designers. List includes free and paid plugins for versions such as CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, etc.

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