Is there anything better than Elegant Themes?

I see this question passing by now and then: Is there anything better than Elegant Themes? Well, that is a nice question, but the answer is not that simple. Because, what are you building with Elegant Themes themes? What is the purpose of the question anyway? Do you already work with the themes of this company or are you new and are you simply looking for the best themes you can get? A lot of questions, so there is not a single answer I can give you. However, I can give you my truth if you are interested.

I was totally new to the Internet a few years ago and wanted to build some websites to say what I have to say about my passion. In this case: music related. I tried free themes I found here and there on the web, but then I immediately ran into a problem. Because WordPress templates are NEVER exactly how you want them to be and you have to make a few tweaks here and there to get a website that is totally to your satisfaction. So, was I now going to learn a lot of code? No way!

Nick Roach from Elegant Themes

I remember that once I was searching for “free WP themes” and somehow Google showed me the website of Elegant Themes. And of course I was totally pissed, because these were not free themes at all. However, the more free versions I was trying out, the more frustrated I got. I was lacking a support forum or something. So, you guessed it right… At the time Elegant Themes offered over 80 premium WordPress themes for 39 dollars (now almost 90 for 69 dollars) and I decided to try them out.

Needless to say (if you’ve been around on this website before you’ll know what I am talking about) I became a big fan of Nick Roach and his company. And since they recently starting expanding their staff and released the Divi theme, I am totally hooked on them. If you are a starter and just want to build your own website from scratch but you know that you will need some help, Elegant Themes is the economical solution but with the quality that is needed (I am talking now also about their support), to build you pretty much anything you need (as a beginner that is, no fancy and expensive additions included of course, for which you would have to hire a developer and/or designer). Anyway, I can personally highly recommend them and I hope you have the same experience with them as I’ve had, have, and will have in the future: a great one.

So last but not least, and to get back to the question “Is there anything better than Elegant Themes?” Within this price range, I don’t think so. If you need to have a very fancy website with lots of additional tools, maybe you might want to look into a company that builds it for you. But if you build it yourself, in my honest opinion there is not a better option than Elegant Themes.

Now, mind you, this is someone telling you this who does make a little money now and then by advising to use Elegant Themes, but I guess if you check out one of the videos about their Top WordPress Theme Divi, you’ll understand why a) I have no problem telling you that and b) Elegant Themes is a wise choice.

Hope you succeed in building your website soon!

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  1. Jacobus Lavooij

    New promo video for Divi 2.0

  2. Jacobus Lavooij

    Here is another Tutorial Video about the Divi builder from Elegant Themes (with subtitles if needed).


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