AK Elite Review from Brad Callen and how to make money with Kindle (+Bonus!)

You might have heard famous Internet Marketer Brad Callen is launching his AK Elite, a software program that makes it easy for anyone to make money with Kindle books on Amazon.com. For those of you who don’t know Brad Callen, he is an established Internet Marketer who has made millions online with his team. AK Elite is his next product and if you want to check this program out, you came to the right place. So what is AK Elite exactly. Let me use the words of Brad himself to explain:

This is one of the only “fool proof” money making systems I have ever personally used. A system that I would feel comfortable teaching my own mother (no offense mom), knowing that she could make money doing this, with no prior knowledge. So, if you’ve never made a dime online, or have tried and tried and have made very little, now is where things change big time, IF you follow what I’ll be teaching you.

As you can see, he is referring to his teachings and he does that in an extensive PDF which you can download on this page. But let me give you some data from this PDF so you’ll know what to expect from it. First of all, Brad gives a whole write up on how you can basically get any book you write (or had written for you) and get it into the Kindle store of Amazon. He says:

Here’s the simple process we’ll be taking for each of our Kindle books we publish:

1. Find a niche topic to write on. One that gets searched a lot, yet has little competition.

2. Choose 7 keywords you want to rank at the top of Amazon for. These need to be highly searched, low competition words.

3. Write the book yourself OR have it written by someone else. I always have it written by someone else for cheap.

4. Publish your book to Amazon.

5. Rank highly for the keywords you selected in step 2 above.

6. Make money. People find your book by entering 1 of those 7 keywords. They buy your book. Amazon notices you’re a valuable book so THEY start promoting you all over their website. You make more money. You need to rank highly and make some initial sales through that, or Amazon won’t start promoting you, and you’ll be at a standstill. Ranking highly is critical.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 on another book.

In other words, if you follow the above steps, you WILL make money with selling books on Kindle and he gives some examples of his book sales per month for one title. And that is what I like about this guy, because he doesn’t show you how to make millions, but how to make a thousand bucks first. Realistic so to speak.

A bit further on in his Ebook he states:

99% of Kindle publishers just write on what they feel like writing on. Publish it. And make no money because they don’t rank anywhere visible.

With AK Elite you will be able to be that 1% that DOES make money on Kindle and that is exactly what you are looking for, right? So let’s see what else he has to say.

Brad goes into the process you can do by hand (without the AK Elite Software) to publish your Ebooks on Kindle and gives some key points to keep in mind. Here they are:

First he goes into how to get started as a Kindle author. Below his layout of the Ebook he wrote:

Choosing a Niche – He gives an extensive write up on how to choose a niche for your Ebook.

Verifying the Hotness of the Niche – Brad reminds you, you should choose a niche with the right demographics of buyers (in other words, people with money to burn).

Spying on the Competition – Brad explains how spying on the competition and duplicating what they do and do that just a little better, gave him a lot of Nr. 1 rankings in Google in the past and he explains how you can do that too for your Kindle Ebooks. And here he also gives more data about how to find out more about your buyers.

How to Become an Expert In this section he explains what to do and especially also what NOT to do, to become known as an expert in your niche.

Write “Same Niche” Topics – Brad explains you shouldn’t use the same pen name for different niches, because it might confuse your readers.

Choose a Good Pen Name – Here it gets really interesting. He explains how you can find out what is a good pen name for your exact target audience and this alone is worth gold! You’ll be surprised how important it is to have the write name and also how easy it is to choose the exact right name as a pen name. He states: Little Known Secret: Choose a pen name that people in your demographic research will relate to and you’ll get more sales.

Writing Starts with an Outline – A short explanation on how to start your Ebook.

Ask Questions – Brad explains that the questions you have yourself might help you writing your book (if you decide to write it yourself).

Where to Find Information – In this section he tells you all the places you can get information from, and no, that ain’t just Google!

What to Do if You Can’t Write? In this section Brad goes into details on how to get an Ebook written if you can’t write it yourself. And no, he doesn’t just say to pay for it but also gives other solutions, of which some may surprise you.

Proof Your Work Brad is very clear and I concur on this point. He states:

I can’t say this enough – if you submit poor quality work to Kindle, you’ll have an uphill battle to fight. People are ruthless in their criticism of bad grammar, unsubstantiated facts, and misspelled words. You’ll often find revisions of Kindle books as a result of the reviews given. It doesn’t need to be your story as you’ve been warned. Have your work proofread before you submit it to Kindle. You don’t want someone to say this in their review: “This book has the potential of being great,however, the grammatical errors make it too difficult to read.”

How to Create Killer Cover Graphics – A whole section which is dedicated to the graphics of the cover of your Ebook and it’s an extensive section with great data on how to solve this problem and why it is very important to have a compelling Ebook cover. If you look at the picture below, which row of books looks better? You’re right, the bottom row, with some awesome designs. Brad tells you exactly how to make your cover look like one of those.

AK Elite Software - Book Covers comparison

Design Requirements – Brad tells you exactly what Amazon is not tolerating in your design and this part is worth reading very carefully.

Outsourcing your Design Here he gives you a list of options if you do not want to design the book covers yourself.

Cover Size, Quality and Source Requirements – A whole section about the specifications you need to keep in mind when designing your cover or when you have it designed to show to your designer. Again, very valuable information.

The Anatomy of a Good Cover Graphic – Maybe a bit late that he brings it up in the AK Elite Ebook, but he brings it up nonetheless and it is a very good write up with graphics to show you some examples of great book covers.

Where to Find Inspiration – This section is simply giving you some great tools you can use if you are looking for inspiration for your cover.

Signing Up With Kindle Publishing Program In this section he takes you by the hand and get you to understand the whole procedure of signing up with the Kindle Publishing Program. If you follow this step by step, you should have no problem to become a book publisher yourself.

The rest of the Ebook is about advanced Kindle marketing strategies. He first stresses you need to make sure to rank for these strategies to work and here AK Elite comes in. AK Elite simply stated allows you to rank high in Amazon and Google for your main keywords for your Ebook, which will lead to sales. It speeds up the whole research factor and gives you all the data you need in around 30 seconds. So if you know what you are doing and you have read this Ebook from Brad and combine it with AK Elite, you practically can’t go wrong and you WILL make money from Kindle.

If you want to know more about AK Elite, click the button below.

Download the Free Ebook, Click The Image!

AK Elite from Brad Callen - Download the FREE Ebook right NOW!

Anyone buying AK Elite from Brad Callen in the first week of the release (July 9-16) Gets a free video made specifically for their Kindle Ebook. Even if you do not have the Ebook now, don’t worry, we will make the video whenever you are ready. With this video you can promote your Ebook on YouTube and maybe we throw in some advice on how to rank your video as well. We are pretty much specialists in that, so this bonus is pretty much invaluable. Buy AK Elite through our link and you will get more than you had asked for!

What you do is click the image above AFTER YOU HAVE CLEARED YOUR COOKIES in your browser. After your purchase, let us know your purchase numer from Clickbank at our email address info (at) wordpressexamples.com and we will get back to you PRONTO!

AK Elite Review and Bonus Video

Below you will find a short video we made about the awesome Kindle Crusher Ebook from Brad Callen. If you want to see what kind of videos we make, you can check out YouTube Channel where you will find over 100 videos, so you get an idea of the quality of the video you can get for you next Kindle Ebook.

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  1. Jackson

    I checked out AK Elite and it looks very promising I must say. I didn’t see however how your bonus fits in. You mean you will make a video of the book cover or something? Your YouTube Channel has mainly very fancy slideshow videos (with some nice music by the way). Is that what we can expect?

  2. Jacobus Lavooij

    Hi Jackson, that is right, that is exactly what you can expect from the AK Elite Bonus.

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