11 Awesome WordPress Portfolio Themes


Today I want to show you 11 (why settle for ten, huh?) really awesome WordPress Portfolio Themes for Photographers and people who just want to showcase their work in a professional way. I am not saying these are the best WordPress Portfolio Themes, but sure as hell they are awesome, easy to work with and just looking gorgeous (and what else do you want from a portfolio theme, right?). So let’s take a look at some of these WordPress Portfolio Themes and what you can do with them, shall we? Whether you are working with models or you are in the modeling business or you are make some really crazy paintings, these themes will do to showcase your work and there are some really nice ones around on the net! So let’s go!

WordPress Portfolio Themes Showcase

Below you’ll find 11 very nice WordPress portfolio themes I have selected to show you. Many of them I will also show the actual example of how the website template can look like, but no need to say all of these themes can be made to look how you want them to look.

Aware – A Versatile WordPress Portfolio Theme

Aware - A great and versatile WordPress Portfolio template

Aware is a responsive portfolio theme for freelancers, photographers, designers, and videographers (or whatever you do that needs a website template to show off your work!). It is a really nifty portfolio theme that is easy to use and has all the functionality you need. The theme was built by an American designer called Andre Gagnon from Wisconsin. If you want to check out Aware, click the link next to the icon below.

Below you see what a portfolio page in Aware might look like for you. Just as an example.

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - The Portfolio Page of the Aware WP Theme

 Wordpress Portfolio Theme Cesar – A Peerapong Design

Cesar - Another WordPress Portfolio Theme from Peerapong

He is famous amongst WordPress template designers: Peerapong from Thailand. He designed a brand new WordPress Portfolio template just a few weeks ago called Cesar and the design is again stunning. This youngster from Thailand is a legend that sold almost 5 million dollars worth in designs in the last 2 years. And when you check out Cesar, you will know why. It is also WooCommerce ready. If you want to check it out, click the link next to the icon below.

Below a screenshot of one of the portfolio possibilities you have with the Cesar WordPress theme.

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Cesar Portfolio Page

 Wordpress Portfolio Themes – Classica

Classica WordPress Portfolio Theme - A beautiful minimalistic portfolio theme

Classica is just what it says. It is a classical Portfolio theme for WordPress designed by Orman Clark from Themezilla, based in the United Kingdom, who builds WordPress templates with a team of three others. He is known for the fact that he can build really minimalistic WP themes that do not loose their appeal you may expect of a great WP theme. You can check out this theme by clicking the link next to the icon.


Below you can see one of the portfolio pages of this WordPress Portfolio theme from the UK. Check it out!

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - The Portfolio page of the Classica Theme

Core – Another Peerapong Portfolio theme for WordPress

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Core from Peerapong

Core is another WordPress theme designed by Peerapong and when you check out this WP theme you will immediately see why this guy is so successful online with his website designs. This is an awesome Portfolio theme and it has all the features you may expect from a very professional WordPress theme. Just check it out and see for yourself. If you have something to show to your audience in graphics, this is a theme you might want to use.

The minimalistic Portfolio theme Core is shown below. This is one of the portfolio pages. The theme has several portfolio options and I advise you to check them out. You can click the link above next to the icon to check out Core.

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - The rotating portfolio page of WordPress Theme Core

WordPress Portfolio Themes – Display – 3 in 1 Theme

Display is another great portfolio theme for WordPress. This awesome theme is created by the Austrian based Christian, another web designer that is selling WordPress themes like hot cakes. Also this web designer has sold millions worth of WP templates online and when you see his Display theme, you’ll know why. Christian is considered one of the top designers online and this portfolio theme is another piece of art coming from a top designer. Go check it out now. You can click the link next to the icon below.


Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Display from Christian Kriesi from Austria

Gridlocked – Another stunning WordPress Theme for Portfolios

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Gridlocked

Gridlocked is another Orman Clark WordPress Theme that gives you all the features you need for a portfolio theme. What I really like about this minimalistic portfolio theme is it is really clean and your designs just stand out. They are just in your face (or the face of your future customers that is). Orman and his team have done a great team with Gridlocked and if you want to check it out, you can click the link next to the icon below. Just see if it works for you.


You can see one of the portfolio options of Gridlocked below. Go check it out and see for yourself if this WP theme is working for you.

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - The clean portfolio page of Gridlocked

Invictus – A great Portfolio theme for WP

Invictus is a great WordPress Portfolio theme made in Germany, in other words, top quality. This is a theme that is different from all the others on this page. Made by another young web designers it really shows your products in an aesthetic way. It has a scroller option which just stands out and jumps of the page. If you are a photographer and you make quality pics, man, this theme is for you. Go check it out and see for yourself how your photos would really look stunning if you use Invictus.


Below you can see a still of one of the portfolio options that Invictus has. Awesome, right? Check it out and see if it works for you and your art!

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Partial Screenshot of the Invictus Portfolio Theme

London Creative – Another Great Portfolio theme

London Creative - One of the more versatile WordPress Portfolio Themes

London Creative is another great WP template which was designed and coded by FreshFace themes, a company that sold over 15,000 themes in the past few years. It has a lot of features, including a great JQuery slider to give your portfolio even more “cachet” if you’ll excuse my French! It comes in two color settings: light and dark. Choose whatever suits you best and show off the great stuff you have to your potential customes, will you? You know what to do! Click the link next to the icon and check this Portfolio theme out or take it for a test drive.

Below you find the light Portfolio page of the London Creative theme. Go and check it out now if you like what you see.

Wordpress Portfolio Theme London Creative

WordPress Portfolio Themes – Striking!

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Striking is an awesome portfolio theme for your WordPress website

Striking is advertised as the “heavy duty” WordPress theme for ultimate site building. Well, what can I say? They are pretty much right with their statement. This portfolio theme has huge customization options, also for your blog. Besides that it comes with Ecommerce support as well, so if you want to attach a webshop to your website, no problem. Besides that it comes with many, many color options, so you can make it look exactly like you want it to look. Go check it out now if you like what you see.

The awesome portfolio page of the Striking WordPress theme, the king of WordPress Portfolio Themes

Photolux – Not just another WordPress Portfolio Theme

Wordpress Portfolio Themes - Photolux WordPress Theme for Photographers

Photolux is an awesome WordPress Portfolio theme with lots of unique portfolio templates and is specialy built for photograhers. This is a very easy to use WordPress template with a very special look. It has unlimited skins and you can make it look like whatever you want. But as mentioned, this is a theme which is specifically coded for photographers. So if you like to showcase your work in a different manner than anybody else, Photolux might just be for you. Go check it out now.

Below you see one of the options on how to use the Portfolio in Photolux. It looks a little like the Pinterest website, but then with its own skin. And again, you can make it look like anything you want.

The Photolux Portfolio Page

Last but not least – InFocus Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wordpress Themes with Portfolio - InFocus WordPress Theme

The last theme in the series of today is the InFocus WordPress Theme. I love this theme and that is the reason why I end of with it, because this Portfolio theme really smokes folks! This theme alone sold over 12,000 times in the last few years and if you look at it closely you understand why! It really looks awesome and the possibilities with this portfolio theme are literally endless. It has different sliders and you can make your portfolio page look like whatever you want. Seriously! If you are looking for a great portfolio theme for wordpress, you HAVE to check this theme out. So click the link below (next to the icon) and check it out thoroughly. I bet you will be hooked on this one.


InFocus Awesomeness - WordPress Portfolio Theme with class!

Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed these 11 WordPress Portfolio themes as much as I do. I will give you a little video below so you can see them also live in your screen. In the video I will tour your through some of them! You can see Core in action for instance. Enjoy the video

WordPress Portfolio Themes Video

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