10 Amazing Code Editors for Developers

In the web development industry, many of the web developers struggle during the development process where they need to generate coding for websites and applications. This is a process where they spend most of their development time, and it becomes even more perplexing when they develop giant applications and software.

Coding is a crucial part of web development where you need to focus and sustain your patience to deal with common issues that could make an easy task more convoluted. Obviously, a developer wants to complete its work without any hurdle while writing long and complicated lines of code for apps and software.

If you are a web developer and want an easy way to manage the coding, then you should use code editors. These online code editors offer a lot of functionality to you and enable you to complete your work effectively and efficiently.

You can find plenty of source code editors in the web market that can make your life easier. And in this blog post, we bring you the list of 10 most fascinating code editors that you can choose as per your requirement.

10 Code Editors for Developers

  • Hyro – A feature-rich web Code Editor

Hyro is an incredible code editor that let web developers to create and edit the HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes with ease. This web code editor offers an easy-to-setup procedure that will save a lot of your time.

Additionally, it comes with Desktop HTML5 editor along with a live HTML viewer. This code editor also offers a customizable UI that enables you to customize the existing UI color at any time. Plus, HYRO uses the amazing Codemirror text-editor for indentation and highlighting.

Hyro Code Editor

  • Dabblet – An Interactive Code Editor

Dabblet is an easy-to-use code editor that allows developers to quickly test snippets of CSS and HTML code. It uses a prefix-free way of working so that you won’t need to add any prefixes over your CSS code.

In fact, Dabblet code editor enables you to save your design work in Github gists, that you could embed it in other websites and also share it with other people, without any hassle. Apart from this, it comes with the automatic vendor prefixing that could be performed for several CSS3 properties by using the prefix-free library from Verou.

Overall, Dabblet is a simple and flexible tool that allows you to write codes for websites and apps quickly and effortlessly.

Dabblet Code Editor

  • Coda – A Compelling Code Editor

Coda is an incredible code editor that will help web developers to create and edit codes for their web projects instantly and efficiently. It is a beautifully crafted tool that is updated and modified on a regular basis with an objective to provide more functionality to developers.

It comes with the Diet Coda, and iPad companion, but, it runs only in MAC OS X and iOS. Plus, Coda includes an FTP client, MySQL management and much more.

Coda Code Editor

Code Any Where is one of the most powerful code editor for web developers. It is a simple and lightweight tool that allows you to concentrate on your work. It is a cross-browser compatible tool that means you can work on any browser you like.

With the use of Code Anywhere, you can easily setup your own personalized development environment for your website or web application in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and 72 other languages. All in one Code Anywhere tool is designed to make the development process more productive and effective. It has the proficiency to solve all the coding issues at one go, anytime, anywhere, and on any platform.

Code Any Where Code Editor

  • Brackets – A Modern and Free Code Editor

Brackets is a contemporary code editor that comes with visual tools and pre-processor support and built in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It offers a Quick Edit UI that allows you to place context-specific code and tool inline quickly and easily.

To an addition, it is designed to be minimal, yet robust, with some of the compelling and handy features. And Exact is one of most promising feature that let you extract information directly from PSDs like gradients, colors, fonts, etc as clean as CSS, without any contextual code hints.

Brackets Code Editor

  • Atom – A New Code Editor

Atom is a new, reliable and open source code editor, designed for web developers and designers. It is a highly-customizable tool offering 50 open-source packages that allows you to build the perfect website or a web based application that can fit to your needs.

Atom Code Editor

  • ICEcoder – A Most Flexible Code Editor

ICEcoder is an amazing browser based code editor that offers an advanced way to build highly-intuitive websites and web apps. It enables you to code directly within the web browser whether you are online or offline. This means you only need a single program that is your browser with an objective to build websites. In fact, you can also run a test on real web servers. ICEcoder also supports multiple languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby and much more.

ICECoder Code Editor

  • JSDO.it – An Ingenious Code Editor

JSDO.it is a coding community designed for web designers, developers, JavaScript engineers and mark-up engineers. JSDO.IT is basically an online code editor where you can run your codes as you write. 

It gives you the flexibility to save your codes online and also show them to your teammates with an objective to improve its quality by getting some resourceful tips.

JSDO.it Code Editor

  • Codepen – A Robust Text Editor

Codepen is a powerful web code editor developed by Chris Coyier, Tim Sabat, and Alex Vazquez. Basically, it is a website for creating stuff from JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It can be used simply as a notebook, or can be utilized to debugging a code snippet.

Codepen Code Editor

CodeMirror is an amazing text editor, which is a JavaScript component that helps in offering a code editor in any browser. It allows the developers and designers to edit the code for their web based projects. It is utilized in various popular web formats and supports JS, PHP, CSS, XML, and HMTL languages.

CodeMirror Code Editor


Being a web developer or designer, your role is to create the unique and innovative websites and web based applications. The Code Editors that we have mentioned above in this blog post will help you make your work much easier and faster. And that will help you achieve all your professional goals with just a browser.


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