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Divi finally allowed me to create a site that matched the vision I had in my head. One that was very aware of design aesthetics and very different from most other writers’ websites.
Sonia QuinonesProfessional Content Marketer
Making the choice to use Divi was one of the best business decisions I made. Average page views, clicks and time spent on each page are all up. Conversions increased by 35%.
Eric ZabinskiFounder of Dermbids
I ended up with exactly the site I wanted that was easy to build and customize and gave me the flexibility to not be locked into a special layout for every portfolio page.
MIchael P. HillCommunications Professional

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Hi, my name is Jacobus and I am running this website with several other people. I am based in Europe and work with clients from all over the globe to give them the WordPress experience they deserve. My team is helping people to start with WordPress on a low budget as well as helping out bigger companies that have a bigger budget. We are all big fans of WordPress and love working with this CMS (Content Management System).

If you are a beginner in WordPress and you want to start a website to see if you can make some extra money with your service or passion, we are very willing to help you out and guide you through the process of setting up your website and hosting FOR FREE.

Yes, we are also interested in making some money, but we do that mainly from bigger clients and from companies that we refer you to in the process. So, as a disclaimer, you might find some so-called affiliate links on our website and we might get a commission from referring you to these third parties. However, since we have to help you out in setting up your WordPress website, you can imagine we are referring you only to the best companies, to also make our own lives a lot easier. If you want to know more about us, click the contact button below.

How do you get free icons for your website?

We all do it: trying to get as much free stuff from the web and to get free icons is sometimes a little tricky. You know, you go to a webpage to get some free stuff and guess what? In the end, it isn't free at all but yo...

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